React.Js Training

ReactJS is Front-End Library which is developed by one of the well-known company “Facebook” whose main purpose is to create View layer between Web Application and Mobile Application.


ReactJS generally deals with the Javascript Library used specifically for building rich User Interface. ReactJS is usually maintained by Facebook company and ReactJS can be easily used as a base in the development for Single Page Applications. ReactJS Online Training deals with the introduction to ReactJS and performing some basic configuration for React Application. ReactJS Online Training includes the basic information about JSX that is being used particularly for developers intending to create ReactJS Application. ReactJS are primarily connected with Components and States that can generally deal with the ReactJS Application to be secure and responsive. Forms and Events are the leading factors that are included in the ReactJS Online Training helping the developers to make React Application. ReactJS Online Training is being used by many leading organizations across the world.

  • One of the most powerful framework for building an Application
  • Better understanding of React with WebPack and Babel.
  • Includes all the basic task to the full performed application including Routing and Ajax request.


  • It uses the advanced concept of virtual DOM whose main task is to improve the application performance faster.
  • Usually Client and Server Side Scripting is performed.
  • It can be used effectively and efficiently with the other frameworks.

Additional information

Course Content

1. Introduction to React

2. Installation of React

3. Use of JSX

4. Components and States

5. Props overview and Validation

6. Component API and Lifecycle

7. Forms and Events

8. Concept of Refs and Keys

9. Router in React

10. Flux Concept in React

11. Animation Creation using React

12. High Order Components

13. Making live Application using React


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