Sencha Touch Training

Sencha Online Training is quite essential for professionals looking to work with Sencha Touch 2.0 solutions


Sencha Touch primarily deals with creating rich User Interface or Web based framework for creation of the Mobile Web used in real time. Sencha Touch is one of the leading technology that is being used by many organizations across the globe for performing many web application related activities easily. Sencha Touch Online Training includes the basic information for Sencha Touch and performing installation of Sencha Touch on the system. Sencha Touch involves the User interface and making its styling using various components which makes the developers to deal with the Application creation on large scale. The concept of Performance Tuning can be easily optimized making the complete Application secure and flexible as compared to other technology. In addition to it, Event Handlers and Listeners are the terminologies making the application specific to developers intending to deal with User Interface for Application.


  • To offer comprehensive training program with the flexibility for meeting the needs of beginners and developers
  • Provide great combination of technology tools by supporting multi-cross platform with HTML5 languages
  • Helps in building multi-platform business desktop and mobile applications for specific environments
  • Offers API with DOM object and helpful in increasing relevance using Geo location

Advantages of Sencha Training

  • Quite helpful in development of Sencha Touch 2.0 solutions with Ext JS Developers Training
  • Provides you with Sencha Touch Application and Ext JS Developers Training features
  • Useful for Sencha Ext JS developers with advanced theming expertise
  • Can easily work with your mobile app, and run on your mobile devices and tablets
  • Implementation of Sencha Touch for your mobile applications
  • Sencha Touch is quite helpful to built rich UI mobile applications

Additional information

Day 1

1. Getting initiated with Sencha Touch

2. User Interface Styling with Components

3. Optimization with Performance tuning

4. Event Listeners & Handlers Data in and out

5. Going Offline

Day 2

1. Going to Market place

2. Functioning Media with Audio/video

3. Apple iOS

4. Android Deployment


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