Advanced Architecting on AWS Training

AWS Advanced Architecture focuses on  the primitive factors representing the Accounting, Networking and Storage Capabilities


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is considered to be one of the foremost and running Cloud Computing platform for the developers intending to work with Cloud platforms. The complete Networking Architecture for the AWS Application is included in the training for the developers specifically for the AWS Architecture development. In addition to it, Deployment Management for AWS is the prime focus for AWS developer to deal with it.  Advanced Architecting on AWS Online Training is planned for folks who are experienced with flexible applications on the AWS platform. This course covers how to build complex solutions on AWS. This course including Storage Gateway and Direct Connect to support fusion architecture. The training includes the basic information about the Big Data and its relevant architecture used in the Application building and deployment. Moreover, the Data Encryption is the additional factor that has been included in the training for performing AWS Applications.


  • It is easy to manage multiple AWS profile for your organization.
  • Migration of large data from data centres to the AWS Cloud.
  • Understand architectural designs for a large scaling website.
  • Connect data centres to the AWS Cloud.

Advantages of Advanced Architecting on AWS Training

  • Large data-stores design for the cloud of AWS.
  • Protect cloud infrastructure from Distributed Denial of Service attack.

Target Audience

  • IT professionals – having a good knowledge of AWS services


  • Operational knowledge of distributed systems.
  • Knowledge of networking concepts.
  • Knowledge of cloud computing concepts.

Additional Information

Day 1

1. Overview of Advanced Architecting

2. Strategies of AWS Account

3. Architectures of Networking

4. Understanding the concept of Well-Architected Framework for AWS

5. Concept for Management of Multiple Accounts on AWS

6. Understanding On-Premises Data Center to AWS Cloud

7. Discussion on the Billing Implementation on AWS Cloud

8. AWS Deployment Management

Day 2

1. Large Data-stores Design

2. Migration of Large Data-stores into AWS

3. Understanding the Architectural View of Big Data

4. Large Scale Applications Designing

5. Understanding the concept of Data Security on AWS

Day 3

1. Building Flexible Architecture

2. Encryption of Data and Key Management – AWS

3. AWS Data Securing

4. Performance Design

5. Dealing with Performance Tuning in AWS Cloud


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