Anypoint Platform Architecture Training

Anypoint Platform Architecture specifies use of Digital Transformation strategies onto different enterprises available


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

The architecture for Anypoint platform generally focuses on solving the most innovative connectivity problems like SOA, SaaS, and also APIs. Anypoint Architecture deals with hybrid and productive integration of platform which in turn creates seamless application network across the global organization. Anypoint Architecture Online Training will give you knowledge for taking decision of your solution instead of on implementation. Also includes designing integration solution with Anypoint. The training primarily aims on offering tools that usually architects across the complete enterprise that can eventually adopt the designing, building and deploying of application. The training points to the situation where the concept for reusability, modularity and collaboration in the application for Anypoint Platform specifically for Architectural views comes into picture. The training helps the aspirants or developers to work with Anypoint platform with some desired architectural point of view


  • For collaborative and reusability development you can design Mule Application.
  • For high performance and security, Mule Application design is best option.

Target Audience

  • Web Developer


  • Hands-on Experience more than 6 months in MuleSoft.

Additional Information

Day 1

1. Overview on Integration

– Overview on architecture tasks
– Overview on API-led strategy
– Architectural approaches of MuleSoft

2. Architectural Patterns

– Overview on style and patterns integration.

Day 2

1. Designing APIs

– APIs and MuleSoft’s method to APIs.
– API design fundamentals.

2. Restful Services

– Ideologies of REST
– REST patterns
– Overview on RESTful API Modeling Language

3. Designing Integration

– Overview on design deliberations
– Design application accessible and available
– Overview on CloudHub architecture

Day 3

1. Application Design

– application architecture
– test driven development

2. Enhancing Performance

– clusters and load balancing for performance
– design deliberations

3. Security

– enhance security
– secure communications


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