Anypoint Platform Operations: Cloud Deploy Training

Cloud Deployment for the Mule Application can be performed with the help of the Anypoint Platform using Cloud Computing Applications


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Anypoint Cloud Deploy Online Training helps folks who are into Operations and Development who want to get working experience to optimizing and managing the Mule Application on Cloud. Cloud Computing is one of the leading technology available in the market today for performing all the operations in the applications. The training includes the basic information about the Cloud Computing usage with Anypoint Platform. The creation and management of the Business Users, Groups and Role can be easily performed with the help of Anypoint Platform used with Deployment of Cloud Computing Applications. The complete observation of the Cloud Computing Platforms are being demonstrated in the training for the overall structure of the application. In addition to it, the training includes the concept of migration of Cloud Application to another application using the scenario for Environment Management and resolving other issues relevant to it.


  • Deployment as well as configuration of Mule Application will be very easy on the cloud. You will also Analyse and optimize the deployment of the Mule Application.
  • Load Balance configuration and option for the arability for mule application.
  • Using CloudHub API you will Automate CloudHUB Administrative.

Advantages of Anypoint Platform Operations: Cloud Deploy Training

  • Create a smooth application network of applications, data & devices.
  • You can Integrate connectivity, design and analyse on a single platform.

Target Audience

  • IT professionals


  • Working knowledge of the JSON, CSV and XML Data format.
  • Knowledge of HTTP, JMS, JDBC, REST and SOAP Integration Technology.

Additional Information

Day 1

1. Overview of Anypoint Platform

2. Create and Manage

– Business groups
– User
– Role

3. Mule Application management on cloud

– Application feature and properties.
– Application lifecycle and management

4. Mule Application Observing on cloud

– Application as well as User Stats.
– Application and User Log files.
– Determined store data

Day 2

1. Migration of Application in Cloud

– Managing Environment.
– Properties of configuration properties.

2. Mule Application Mounting on Cloud

– User queue Setting
– determine queues

3. Automating CloudHub REST API

– Installation of command line Tool
– API to manage Application and deployment.


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