Apache Active MQ

Apache Active MQ Training

Apache ActiveMQ helps you in dealing with the message oriented applications in a better way & at the same time they are quite fast and reliable as well.


Duration: 2 Days

Course fee:$399.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Apache ActiveMQ specifically deals with message broker that is completely Open Source and is written in Java Programming Language. Apache ActiveMQ Online Training includes the information about the Message-Oriented Middleware can be used in conjunction with Java Message Services developed for ActiveMQ developer. Apache ActiveMQ Training basically deals with ActiveMQ Security Constraints that can help the developers to make the Application based on Apache ActiveMQ. The connector is the mechanism that makes the developers to work with the components that are used in the complete Apache ActiveMQ Online Training. Apache ActiveMQ Training deals with the concept specifically for building Java based Messaging Applications using MQ as main component. On the completion of Apache ActiveMQ Online Training, the developers can easily gain expertise in creating ActiveMQ Application easily on any leading platforms.


  • To Offer configuration support along with tuning and services
  • Support for Enterprise Integration patterns thereby offering topology and architectural review for implementation of services
  • MQ Training is open source integration and messaging pattern server that supports several language protocols and clients
  • Provide Clear understanding of advanced topics using Active MQ, like alteration and diagnostics along with advanced topologies with high failover considerations
  • Provide facility for Virtual Destinations, Message Group, Wild Cards and Composite Destinations

Advantages of ActiveMQ Training

  • Designed for high performance clustering and client-server based communications
  • Supports pluggable transport protocols for Glass Fish, Tomcat, JBoss, and Web Logic application servers
  • Useful for enterprise service bus implementations like Apache Service Mix, Apache Camel and Mule
  • Supports several advanced features like Virtual Destinations, Wildcards, Message Groups, and Composite Destinations
  • With Active MQ Training, you will also learn Message-oriented Middleware, Java Message Service, Connector, Message Storage, Active MQ Security, Introduction to Apache Active MQ, Setting up Active MQ and more

Additional Information


1. Understanding Message-oriented Middleware with Java Message Service

2. Active MQ Security & Message Storage

3. Apache Active MQ with Connector

4. Building Java Message Application with MQ

5. Integrating & Deploying Active MQ

6. Performance Tuning & setting up Active MQ

7. Monitoring & Managing Active MQ


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