Apache CXF – Web Services Architecture Training

Apache CXF – Web Services Architecture is a widely adopted and well recognized open source technology framework for Java programming language.


Duration: 2 Days

Course fee:$399.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Apache CXF Web Services Architecture primarily deals with the fully featured Web Services framework having the combination of the two open-source projects Celtix and XFire. Apache CXF Web Service Architecture Online Training generally includes the basic information for the Web Services along with the concept for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) helping the developers to deal with the Application more secure and flexible. The concept of Frontend and its related Web Services is included in the Apache CXF Web Services Architecture in more detailed sense. In addition to it, Apache CXF Web Services Architecture generally helps the developers to work with various web services and performing some advanced configuration on the complete Application. Apache CXF Web Services Architecture Online Training usually works for the developers to deal with Service Oriented Architecture for Application


  • Help professionals in designing and development of SOAP and restful web services using the available CXF framework
  • Offer expert engineers with immense knowledge on every apache product
  • Successfully deliver projects of open source environment building
  • To provide you with practical examples from novice to expert level
  • Easy Deployment of number of applications on Apache Servers


  • Easy Pre-testing across range of certification and environment and check whether the software is ready for mission-critical deployments or not
  • Best Quality user documentation with on-demand multi-media learning resources to help quickly in mastering the powerful development tool sets and Apache ESB projects
  • Maintain Strong focus towards XML-free configuration and embedding into existing applications
  • Simplified construction and integration with the flexible reuse of the technical components
  • Easy configuration for Data format support

Additional Information


1. Understanding Web services with Service-oriented Architecture

2. Development and Deployment of Web Services

3. Introducing Web Service architecture designing

4. Web Services Frontends

5. Accessing Web Services

6. Web Services Security

7. Testing Web Services

8. Web Services Integration

9. Web Services Technology Standards with REST full Architecture


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