Apache Hadoop Training

Apache Hadoop is quite useful for system administrator and Java developers who want to learn and build processing applications on large scale platforms


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Apache Hadoop, one of the leading and most commonly used list of open-source software utilities making the use of the networks of many systems for solving large amount of problems arising in the Application. Apache Hadoop Online Training primarily deals with basic introduction about the Apache Hadoop and the installation for the Apache Hadoop is included in the training which makes the developers to deal with the Hadoop based Application. Many of the Hadoop Components are installed and the complete configuration is being performed with many of the factors making the Application feasible and secure. On the completion of Apache Hadoop Online Training, the aspirants or developers can easily work on the Apache Hadoop Application and the  Hadoop Application can be easily built on any of the platforms.


  • Offer 3-day Apache Hadoop hands-on training for using Hadoop to build data processing applications
  • Provides open source software platform for data-intensive applications
  • Offer dependability and data motion to applications which is helpful in storing, processing and scrutinizing hefty volumes of data
  • Training covers Hadoop Architecture with HBase and Map/Reduce, Avro, Mahout, Pig, Chukwa, Hive, Cassandra, Zoo Keeper with Hadoop deployment

Advantages Of Apache Hadoop Training

  • Helps in finding distributed file system (HDFS)
  • Open-source platform for configuration of Hadoop setup and environment
  • Easy computational standards to define Map/Reduce
  • Fault tolerance environment settings
  • Sound infrastructure scale

Additional Information

Day 1

1. Preface to Hadoop

2. Hadoop Components & Installation

3. Hadoop Cluster Installation with Distributed File System

4. HDFS HA and its Daemons

5. Hadoop Data I/O with clustering features

6. Advanced Map Reduce

7. HDFS Federation

8. Map Reduce Programming

Day 2

1. Introduction towards Hadoop AWS Cloud pattern

2. Monitoring and Logging

3. Hadoop Management

4. Testing & Debugging features

5. Resource Management

6. Ecosystem

7. Hbase & MapReduce

8. Hadoop Security

9. Sqoop, Big Data

Day 3

1. Hadoop installation with Pig Integration

2. Zoo Keeper

3. Mahout

4. Case Studies

5. Avro

6. Cassandra

7. Hive Integration and Hadoop installation


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