Apache Kafka Training

Apache Kafka corresponds to Stream-Processing software which is completely Open-Source written in Scala Programming Language


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Apache Kafka mostly used by many developers across the globe by in many organizations. Apache Kafka Online Training introduces the introduction to Apache Kafka and also dealing with architecture for Kafka making the developers to work with stream related activities. The concept of Broker, Producer and Consumer are the key roles for the Kafka developers to build and deploy applications using Apache Kafka technology. Recreation is the terminology which makes the developers to recreate the Apache Kafka Application easily.  Apache kafka Online Training will include all the information from the basic level to the advanced level. Concept of Producer, Consumer and Broker concept will be covered into this training. Various monitoring of the system will be covered using the administration tool provided by the Kafka. Apache Kafka Online Training helps the developers to work with Apache Kafka Applications in real time


The main objective of the Apache Kafka Training includes the architecture, installation and the configuration. The basic knowledge on Zookeeper for imparting the knowledge on Real-Time Messaging has been provided for Apache Kafka.

Advantages of Apache Kafka Training

  • Integration of Apache Kafka on various clusters
  • Mastering on various Kafka Components.
  • Developing Kafka Real Time Application


Additional Information

Course Content

1. Basic Understanding of Apache Kafka

2. Understanding Kafka Architecture

3. Introduction of Broker in Kafka

4. Introduction of Producer in Kafka

5. Introduction of Consumer in Kafka

6. Concept of Mirroring Using Kafka

7. Introducing Topics and their Partitions

8. Concept of Recreation in Kafka

9. Zookeeper Basic Concepts

10. Installing Kafka

11. Working with Advanced Operation in Kafka

12. Apache Storm in Kafka


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