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Apache Solr Training

Apache Solr, one of the leading Open-Source Enterprise searching platform used with Java Technology


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Apache Solr is generally built on Apache Lucene used specifically for the creation of leading and popular enterprise search platform. Apache Solr training includes the information about the installation of Apache Solr and performing some basic configuration on the system. The Apache Solr Training usually deals with the data indexing terminology which makes the Application to be data-specific on any of the condition. The complete analysing of Schema and Text is performed easily with the basic use of Apache Solr in the Application and that makes the developers an ease to work with it.  The Apache Solr is an open source platform designed keeping in mind full-text search for highlighting dynamic clustering. The training is quite useful for database integration and rich document handling like MS word and PDF. Apache Solr Online Training guides the developers to become expert in Apache Solr Application


  • Make scalability top priority by delivering powerful search and faceted navigation features with open source technology
  • Support multifaceted search criteria with result highlighting, query-completion, query spell-check and relevancy tuning
  • Faster search response approach

Advantages of Solr Training

  • Brief idea and Real world Solr examples as how to get most of your search engines
  • The training is full of practical recipes and examples and will help you in setting up Apache Solr for better benchmark performance
  • Also Guide you on how Solr is useful for enterprises
  • Indexing and analyzing data for offering better and precise enterprise server platform

Additional Information

Day 1

1. Apache Solr
– Introduction to apache solr
– Advantages of solr over lucene
– Basic systems requirements for using apache solr
– Introduction to cores in apache solr

2. Apache Solr indexing
– Introduction to apache solr indexing
– Index using built in data import handler and post tool
– Understanding solrj client and configuration of solrj client
– Demonstrating the book store use cases with solr indexing
– Learning to build schema
– The field. Field types, copyfield and dynamic field
– Understanding how to add, explore, update and delete using solrj

3. Apache Solr Searching
– Various aspects of apache solr search like sorting, pagination
– An overview of the request parameters
– Faceting and highlighting

Day 2

1. Deep dive into Apache Solr
– Understanding the request handlers
– Defining and mapping to search components
– Highlighting and faceting
– Updating managed schemas
– Request parameters, Hardwriting
– Adding fields to default search
– Various types of analyzers, parsers, tokenizers

2. Extended features
– Grouping of results in apache solr
– Parse queries functions, Fuzzy query in apache solr
– Extended Solr cloud
– Concept of sharding
– Indexing and replication in apache solrcloud
– Working of apache solr cloud, distributed requests
– Reading and writing slidefault tolerance
– Cluster coordination using apache zookeeper

3. Multicore
– Understanding the concept of multicore in solr
– The creation of multicore in Solr
– Need of multicore
– Joining of data
– Replication and ping handler

Day 3

1. Maintaining the cluster
– Apache Solr as a service
– Logs and event logging
– Monitoring
– Backup
– Hardware requirements
– JVM settings
– Security

2. Advanced Settings
– Configuration API
– Solrconfig.xml
– Schema factory
– Codec factory
– Directory Factory
– Index Segments
– Cache


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