Apache Spark Training

Apache Spark, one of the leading Open-Source clustering-computing framework  used by many developers across the globe


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Apache Spark deals with In-memory Clustering based Parallel Processing system is being provided by the Apache Spark for sharing the large number of functionality like Processing Graphs, Machine Learning, Stream Processing and so on. Big Data is the foremost technological terms used by many Applications having large number of data and Apache Spark handles such large number of data easily. Apache Spark Online Training focuses on the installation and performing configuration specific to Apache Spark MLLIB on a large scale. The streaming concept in Apache Spark Training discusses the core factors making the Application more prone to handling datas in real time. Titan is the new terminology used specifically on the Apache Spark Application which in turn makes the processing of the data in a smooth and linear way. Complete Integration of H2O with Apache Spark is included in the training which leads the development of the Application to secure and responsive.


The main objective for this training is that the candidate will grab the knowledge of increasing the performance of the system by incrementing speed in more easy manner.

Advantages of Apache Spark Training

  • Availability of the tools for complete processing and System Storage
  • With the use of Flume and HDFS, Spark  stream process comes into action
  • Graphical concepts are configured using GraphX of Spark

Additional Information

Course Content

1. Introduction to Apache Spark

2. Understanding Apache Spark MLLIB

3. Streaming with Apache Spark

4. Working of SQL with Apache Spark

5. GraphX Concept in Apache Spark

6. Introduction to Titan

7. H2O integration with Apache Spark

8. Databricks configuration in Apache Spark

9. Visualization in Apache Spark


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