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Apache Camel Training

Apache Camel deals with message-oriented middleware using some rules and mediation providing Java based application

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Duration: 3 Days

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Product Description

Apache Camel is a open-source, lightweight and rule-based software router that are being used for a wide variety of applications. Apache Camel training includes the information about the routing and mediation rules using various domain-specific languages like Java based API, XML Configuration and many more. The complete architecture for Apache Camel is the leading point making the Application more dependent on developers. The concept of Message Model comes into action which makes the developers to work with the various data models created for the applications to include in the complete Application. Many of the settings for Apache Camel is introduced in the training which in turn helps the developers to work with advanced scenarios for Camel Application. On the completion of Apache Camel Online Training, the aspirants or developers grasps the understanding of Apache Camel in real world Applications


  • To help professionals working with smart routing and the Development Environment using Apache Camel
  • Offers support for Bean Binding and seamless integration with popular frameworks like Spring, Blueprint and Guice
  • Helps in installation and configuration initially and deploying your first application
  • Offer support for working with the same API apart from the kind of Transport being used – Learn the API once and you can interact with the Components provided out-of-box

Advantages of Apache Camel Training

  • Clear and concise understanding of architecture for Apache Camel
  • Sound understanding for deployment options available with range of camel components available with Apache Camel routes
  • Installation and Configuration of Apache Camel by using DSL or Spring configuration for incoming and outgoing endpoints
  • Helpful in working with any kind of Transport and messaging models
  • Integration with various applications based on different protocols and technologies
  • Easily learn new patterns for Enterprise Integration with the help of training

Additional Information


1. Introduction of Camel

2. Get started with Camel

3. Camel Architecture

4. Camel Architecture and its basic concepts

5. Message Model

6. Learn different types of abstraction for message modeling

7. Apache Camel Setting

8. Configuration and Installation of Apache Camel with first application

9. Transformation

10. Understanding data alteration and learning how it will help in transforming data from one format to other ones

11. Working with the Beans

12. Clear Knowledge of learning coupling through bean along with bean registries and bean bindings

13. Routing

14. Creation of routing request with Camel, Learn what is end point and communication with FTP, by creating routes using the JAVA & Spring

15. Enterprise amalgamation Pattern

16. Implementation of Splitter, Router Slip, Dynamic Router, EIPs, Aggregator along with Load Balancer

17. Camel works

18. Working component with JMS, Database, CXF services, File, SEDA, JPA and Timers

19. Transactions

20. Clearly knowledge of transaction and how to utilize and organize operation using transaction management

21. Concurrency

22. Clear idea of threading model & use them in configuring transactions

23. How to handle Error

24. Out of box thinking for error handling as used by camel

25. Camel Project Development and Deployment

26. Development of your camel project with IDE and Maven Eclipse

27. Camel Test Kit

28. Learn how to use Camel Test Kit using mocks and without mocks

29. Camel Monitoring & Management

30. Clearly understand camel instances with notification and managing Camel applications along with activities

2 reviews for Apache Camel Training

  1. 5 out of 5


    great learnings

  2. 5 out of 5


    I just want to send a feedback to the Camel Apache training which I had with Chandani Thacker.

    The training was very helpful and useful. Chandani explained everything in a very instructive manner.

    The examples were very well prepared and Chandani explained them very clearly and in very detail. Chandani showed very high level of proficiency and dedication to the quality of the training.

    I must say that I find my experience with the course and your service very positive. So once more I’d like to thank you for the Camel training and I wish you all the best.

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