Appcelerator Titanium Training

Appcelerator Titanium is primarily used for creation of native applications on various platforms


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Appcelerator Titanium  being used on many platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. Appcelerator is generally used in conjunction with Javascripts making the developers to create the Mobile Applications with more ease and secure. Appcelerator Online Training covers all the concept of building cross platform application for mobile desktops and tablets. Appcelerator Titanium usually follows four-step process like building, testing, connecting and measuring. This training is specially design for the mobile developers. It include open source SDK of mobile OS. Appcelerator Titanium allows you to deliver an experience at a limited of the time, with the same results. The training guides the developers for performing the mobile applications on various mobile platforms


  • For Developing rich any native application you have to use same web development skill.
  • Having lot of marketplace module functionality.


  • Appcelerator Titanium is having Flexible deployment options.
  • Push notifications – geo and time-based scheduling for mobile backend services.

Target Audience

  • Mobile Application Developer


  • Basic Knowledge of HTML and JavaScript framework library
  • Basic knowledge of Eclipse and Dreamweaver will give added advantage.

Additional Information

Course Content

1. Overview Of Appcelerator Titanium Basics

– Feature of Appcelerator Titanium
– Architecture of Appcelerator Titanium
– Application Development Process
– Tools and SDK of Appcelerator Titanium
– Configuration of Mobile Application

2. Understanding on JS and UI

– Components of UI
– Events and Unit of UI
– Icon and Positioning of UI

3. Collection and Model of Titanium Appcelerator

– Developing Model and collection
– Migration of model
– API style

4. Overview on Networking Concept

5. Multimedia understanding

– Audio & Video
– Pictures and background

6. Cloud Services of Appcelerator Titanium

– ACF Features
– Management of Cloud service
– Node.ACS methodologies

7. Mapping and Geolocation concepts

– Maps and Geolocation overview
– Mobile Platform Specification (iOS & Android)

8. Understanding on File System

– File System and Security
– Storage System
– Mobile Platform File system (iOS & Android)

9. Overview on deployment and testing

10. Tools And Techniques

– Appcelerator Platform Tools
– Mobile Platform (iOS and android) tools
– Web tools


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