Arduino Training

Arduino leads to the Open Source prototype for electronic platform for enabling users to build electronics objects easily


Duration: 2 Days

Course fee:$399.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Arduino is the electronic term used by many leading electronics company across the globe. Arduino Online  Training provides inside to start working with Arduino build automation system. Arduino Online Training generally includes the information for introducing the Arduino and the installation for Arduino Software is properly included in the Arduino Training. The concept of Arduino board for making the electronic board makes the developers to work with the board making the Arduino Object flexible and secure.  On the completion of Arduino Online Training, the developers can easily grabs to program Arduino to control various things such as lights, sensors, motors and buttons. Arduino Online Training generally guides the developer for creating electronic objects easily and accurately in real world scenario


  • Understating Arduino board and programing
  • Connecting with various Things
  • Automation and controlling Things
  • Networking and Wireless communication with Arduino

Advantages of Arduino Training

  • Readily available structure to use.
  • Facilitating the Library of examples within the arduino software to support coding.
  • Automatic unit conversion and advanced functions to simplify the coding

Additional Information

Day 1

1. Internet of Things Introduction

2. Basics of Arduino

3. Installing Arduino Software

4. Understanding Arduino Board

5. Testing board

6. Lets blinking lights

Day 2

1. Get connected with Sensors

2. Connecting button

3. Controlling Motors

4. Working with Sounds

5. Network communication with Arduino

6. Wireless Communication


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