AWS Technical Essentials Training

AWS Technical Essentials  is generally designed for the Administrators and Developers who want to learn AWS for giving in depth knowledge of AWS products, services, and common solutions.


Duration: 2 Days

Course fee:$399.00 (₹28454.69)


Product Description

Amazon Web Services is one of the leading Cloud Based Web Services to be used for the Cloud Computing Platform. AWS Essentials Online Training primarily deals with the basic information about the AWS and its related services. Many of the strategies are defined for the Cloud and the computation for them is performed easily with AWS Essentials Online Training. AWS Essentials Online Training discusses the core factors about the Securities defined and its related compliance that points to Cloud Computing Application to be deployed easily. The History of Amazon Web Services (AWS) usually involves the AWS Technical Essentials Training to be used by AWS Developers to build and deploy AWS Application easily. On the completion of AWS Essentials Online Training, the AWS Developers can easily work the services created and can work with the AWS Applications more easily


  • Complete knowledge of AWS platform.
  • To give in depth knowledge of all points like the robust security capabilities, AWS management console, use of RDS,Differentiate AWS Storage options,terminology and concepts relate to the AWS platformetc

Advantage of AWS Technical Essentials Training Courses

  • Clear Introduction of successful cloud adoption frameworks
  • Take your skills to a next level through AWS

Additional Information

Day 1

1. Learn Benefits of Cloud Computing

2. Define Your Cloud Strategy

3. Let’s have Introduction to the AWS Cloud

4. Study Security and Compliance

5. Learn Cloud Financials

6. Now Migrate to the Cloud: Move toNext steps

Day 2

1. Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS)
-Understanding the basic features of AWS
-Practical uses of AWS Application

2. AWS Foundational
-Basic Understanding of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
-Basic Understanding of Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
-Basic Understanding of Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3)
-Basic Understanding of Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS)

3. AWS Security, Identity, and Access Management: IAM
-Working with the User Management in AWS Application

4. AWS Databases
-Introduction to Amazon RDS
-Introduction to Amazon Dynamo DB

5. Dealing with various AWS Management Tools
-Concept of Using Auto Scaling
-Concept of Using Cloud-Watch
-Using Elastic Load Balancing
-Using Trusted Advisor


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