AWS Lambda Training

AWS Lambda is normally used for the running the code for virtually any type of Application or the backend services.


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda deals with the computing services which makes an ease for the developers for building Applications responsive to the new and innovative information generated by developers. AWS Lambda Online Training focuses on the core information about the AWS and AWS Lambda configuration that makes the AWS Application to more flexible and secure. Many of the large functions are easily created and deployed specifically for AWS Lambda Service. AWS Lambda Online Training generally helps the developers to cope with some of Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) concept easily for the complete Cloud Applications. The AWS Lambda Training involves the use of the various AWS Lambda Functions and Event Sources for the AWS Cloud Applications and also creating new Lambda Applications easily. AWS Lambda Online Training deals with the Application creation especially on the Cloud Based Platforms


The main objective for understanding AWS Lambda is that the candidate can grab the features of Serverless Architecture by focussing more on code rather than working on the infrastructure.

Advantages of AWS Lambda Training

  • Ideal Computing Platform for many Application scenarios for writing the code in the languages usually supported by AWS Lambda.
  • Complete Management of the compute fleet including Memory balance, CPU, Networking and likewise other resources.


Additional Information

Course Content

1. Introduction to AWS Lambda

2. Understanding Information related to Functions of Lambda

3. Building of AWS Lambda related functions

4. Support for VPC Concepts

5. Complete Monitoring for AWS Lambda Functions

6. Working with Lambda Application

7. Running Lambda Application

8. Familiarity with Event Sources

9. Deployment of Lambda Services

10. Working of AWS Lambda Functions

11. Demo for working with AWS Lambda

12. Introduction to AWSLambda@Edge

13. AWS Lambda Security Parameters

14. Actions Parameter in API Reference

15. Data Types in API Reference


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