Chef Training

Chef Online Training is designed keeping in mind the advanced topics as like new command line utility with Chef Repositories and more


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Chef is one of the leading and foremost technology for performing and automating various IT Infrastructure across the organization. Chef Online Training discusses the core concepts on Chef introduction and the complete configuration management tools is performed easily with Chef Online Training. Chef Online Training discusses the fundamentals regarding Ruby Programming Languages as Chef uses Ruby as major programming Language. Chef Training focuses on the terminology where the cookbooks and deployment of Cookbooks is included for the Chef Developers working on the Real-time Application. Infrastructure and its complete Modelling concept is better included in Chef Online Training helping the developer to make the Application more reliable and secure. Chef Online Training helps the developers to automate their IT Infrastructure for the complete Application.


  • Offer 2-day comprehensive class covering the basic architecture of Chef and all of its underlying components
  • Helpful for lectures, labs and comprehensive case studies thereby offering hands on experience with the core units in the course for exercises to reinforce the material
  • Fully covers installation of basics Chef Solo with clients along with similar topics that includes creating cookbooks and advanced using the new command line utility called Knife with Chef Repositories

Advantages of Chef Training

  • 2-days of comprehensive class training covering the basic architecture of Chef and underlying components
  • Learn by using them and get a clear code repository that can be used and modified to solve real business problems
  • Sound understanding of Infrastructure Automation Using Chefs
  • Sound idea of topics like creation of cookbooks with Chef Repositories


Additional Information

Course Content

1. Understanding of Management of IT Infrastructure

2. Development Tools in Chef

3. Fundamentals of Ruby

4. Understanding the concept of writing tests

5. Introduction to unit testing

6. Understanding the concept of Testing Resources

7. Introduction to Cookbooks

8. Development of Cookbooks

9. Infrastructure Modelling

10. Best Approaches for Extension of Resources

11. Custom Resource Creation in detail

12. Dealing with Refining Custom Resource in Chef

13. Introducing Chef-solo

14. Introducing Chef-zero

15. Debugging Concept using Chef

16. Introduction to Ohai

17. Working with Ohai Plugins

18. Practical Implementation with Ohai Plugins


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