Cloud Computing AWS

Cloud Computing AWS Training

Cloud Computing AWS introduces the basic information about Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its Services used for AWS Applications


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Cloud Computing AWS Online Training is the best choice for professionals working with hardware and software network databases. Cloud Computing AWS Online Training is also useful for managing clients with IAAS, PAAS and SAAS models.  Cloud Computing AWS Training generally deals with the EC2 Instance creation for the AWS Application helping the developers to deal with its features for the Application. The concept of Autoscaling and Elastic Load Balancer is the major terminology that makes AWS Application to be more redundant and secure. The CloudWatch is the service which is generally used in AWS Application that makes the developers to Monitor the complete Application for the issues coming. AWS Application can be easily Deployed onto the Cloud using AWS CloudFormation that makes the AWS Application effective.


  • Offer Sound knowledge of computing resources in the form of hardware and software network databases
  • Distributed hosted services over the internet
  • Offers end to end coverage for fundamental cloud computing topics as per the latest technology and business needs
  • To offer a series of modular sections with more than one hands on exercises


  • Understand the meaning of “The AWS Cloud”
  • Easy leaning of fundamentals for Cloud Computing Terminology and Concepts
  • Appraise the risks coupled with the AWS Cloud with security considerations
  • Sound knowledge of Basics of Virtualization
  • Specialized Characteristics for defining a Cloud
  • SME businesses with archetural use of the AWS Cloud features

Additional Information

Day 1

1. Getting started with AWS

2. AWS and its features

3. Launch EC2 Instance and its introduction

4. Amazon Management Console and Deployment of First Web Application

5. Auto Scaling

6. Elastic Load Balancer

7. Monitoring using Cloud Watch technology

8. Clean Up

9. Deployment & Automation using AWS Cloud Formation

10. Cost Breakdown

Day 2

1. Amazon S3 & RDS

2. Amazon CloudFront

3. Amazon Route 53

4. Amazon DynamoDB

5. Amazon SimpleDB

6. Big Data with AWS

7. Elastic MapReduce

8. Amazon CloudSearch

9. Amazon EMR

Day 3

1. AWS Import/Export

2. Identity with Access Management

3. AWS Elastic Beanstalk

4. Amazon Direct Connect

5. Amazon VPC

6. Amazon EBS

7. Messaging using SNS, SQS, SES

8. Amazon SWF

9. Amazon ElastiCache

10. Amazon Giacier

11. AWS Storage Gateway

12. Libraries & SDKs


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