DevOps Engineering on AWS Training

DevOps on AWS specifically deals with Continuous Integration of the Application used on AWS Applications


Duration: 4 Days

Course fee:$799.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Development Operations (DevOps) is one of the leading technology being used by many organizations especially for performing continuous evaluation of the Application. The AWS DevOps Training primarily deals with the Continuous Improvement in the AWS Application and can get the complete details about the updated applications. Once the application has been updated, the Deployment of the Application tends to include in the training for the developers. The Pipeline Delivery for the application can be easily performed and as a result the developers can easily work on the application for the complete management of the applications. It teaches us how to develop, deploy, and maintain applications on AWS. AWS Devops Engineering Online Training covers concept of the DevOps procedure and cases for the small and medium and large scale business. The DevOps on AWS Online Training helps the intended developers for making the AWS Application more secure and flexible.


  • AWS tools and technologies help us to screening your application potential issues.

Advantages of DevOps Engineering on AWS Training

  • Implementation and design for the AWS infrastructure that will support one or more projects.
  • AWS Ops-Works and AWS Cloud-Formation will help to deploy the infrastructure to the software development project.
  • AWS Code-Pipeline will help in the implementing and designing for Continuous Integration and Delivery pipeline.

Target Audience

  • System Admin
  • Software Developers


  • Operational knowledge of one or more programming languages.
  • Intermediate knowledge of Windows or Linux systems.
  • Working experience of AWS Management Console and AWS Command Line Interface.

Additional Information

Day 1

1. Overview of Dev-Ops

2. Infrastructure

– Security and Design for Coding.
– Configuration and Cloud Formation Management for Coding.

Day 2

1. AWS Continuous Integration

2. AWS Continuous

3. Deployment

4. Deploying Applications

Day 3

1. Delivery Pipelines and Integration on AWS

2. Tuning your deployments

3. Governing and Systematizing Your Infrastructure


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