ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana Training

ElasticSearch Logstash Kibana (ELK) includes the combination of three open source projects making application more secure and flexible


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

ElasticSearch Logstash Kibana (ELK) generally helps the developers to create application with the combination of three open source technologies.  ElasticSearch Logstash Kibana Training includes the overview of the ELK along with installation for it. Various challenges for the Log Management is included in the ELK Training and also for the Log Analysis used in the application. ELK Training includes the basic information about the ELK Stacks used in the application by the developer. ELK Application is being used by many of the leading organizations across the globe making the application more flexible and responsive. Logstash Plugins can be included in ELK Application helping the developers for creating the applications.  ElasticSearch Logstash Kibana (ELK) Online Training provides building mesmerizing Visualization, Analytics and logs from the data using the concept of Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana. On the completion of ELK training, the aspirants or developers can easily create application using three open source technologies.


  • Installing, Running and Configuring complete ELK Stack
  • Understanding the need for log Analytics and the current challenges in Log Analysis
  • Building our own ELK Plugins

Advantages of ELK Training

  • Solving the Data Analytics Problem with ELK Stack
  • Exploring Kibana Power search and Visualizing built over Elasticsearch queries and learn about the features and plugins of Logstash
  • Developing Complete Data Pipelining using ELK Stack

Additional Information

Day 1

1. Overview of ELK Stack

– Basic need for Log Analysis
    – Understanding Issue Debugging
    – Using Performance Analysis
    – Security and Predictive Analysis
    – Introducing IoT and Logging Functionality
– Log Analysis Challenges
    – Using Non-Consistent Log Format
       – Log Using Tomcat
       – Apache Access Logs
       – IIS Logs
       – Time Format Variations
– Introduction to ELK Stack
    – Understanding Elasticsearch
    – Logstash
    – Kibana
– Data Pipelining for ELK
– Installing ELK Stack
    – Installing and Running Elasticsearch
    – Basic Elasticsearch Configuration
    – Plugins for Elasticsearch
    – Installing and Running Logstash
    – Understanding Logstash with file input
    – Understanding Logstash with Elasticsearch output
    – Logstash Configuration
    – Installation of Logstash Forwarder
    – Understanding Logstash Plugins
    – Installing, Running and Configuring Kibana
    – Kibana Interface

2. First Data Pipeline Building with ELK

– Logstash Input Configuration
– Filtering and Processing Inputs
– Data with Elasticsearch
– Visualization concept in Kibana
– Running Kibana
– Visualization in Kibana
– Line/Bar Chart Building with Kibana
– Metric and Data Table Building with Kibana

Day 2

1. Collecting, Parsing and Transforming Data with Logstash

– Basic Configuration of Logstash
– Understanding Logstash Plugins
    – Introducing various Data Types for Plugin
    – Different Types of Logstash Plugins
       – Input Plugins
       – Output Plugins
       – Filter Plugins
       – Codec Plugins

2. Custom Logstash Plugins Creation

– Managing Logstash Plugin
– Plugin Lifecycle Management
    – Installing/Uninstalling/Updating Plugins
– Logstash Plugin Structure
    – Required Dependencies
    – Class Declaration
    – Configuration Name
    – Setting up Configuration Option
    – Understanding various Plugin Methods
       – Input Plugin
       – Filter Plugin
       – Output Plugin
       – Codec Plugin

3. Need for Elasticsearch in ELK

    – Basic Concept of Elasticsearch
    – Exploring Elasticsearch API
    – Elasticsearch Query DSL
    – Plugins for Elasticsearch

Day 3

1. Insights with Kibana

– Features of Kibana 4
– Interfacing Kibana
    – Discovering Page
    – Querying and Searching Data

2. Visualization and Dashboard Concept in Kibana

– Visualizing Page
– Main Dashboard Page

3. Winding All Together

– Input Dataset
– Logstash Input Configuration
– Kibana Visualization concept

4. ELK in Production

– Data Protection Terminology
– System Scalability
– Data Retention
– Implementing ELK Stack
– ELK at SCA
– ELK at Cliffhanger Solutions

5. Expansion of Horizon with ELK

– Elasticsearch Plugins and Utilities
    – Index Management Curator
    – Security Shield
    – Marvel to Monitor
– Roadmap to ELK
    – Elasticsearch Roadmap
    – Logstash Roadmap
    – Kibana Roadmap


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