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Fuse ESB Training

Fuse ESB, Open-Source Integration Platform for performing Service-Oriented Architecture Infrastructure for Developers


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Fuse ESB generally leads to the platform which is completely Open Source and being used as Service-Oriented Architecture in many leading organizations across the globe. Fuse ESB is an Enterprise Services Bus which usually provides the list of the services being used for building and deploying Applications in real time. Fuse ESB Online Training deals with the basic introduction about the Fuse ESB Installation and performing some basic configuration on the real time platform. Fuse ESB Online Training includes the information for the Services Deployment to the Application which in turn helps the developers to work with the Services used in Application easily. In addition to it, the concept of ESB Message Structure is involved in the training with which the developers can easily work with Messaging scenarios in the complete Application to be built. Fuse ESB Online Training will eventually help the developers to gain access to the Messaging Structure to be developers more frequently


  • To educate people for using Fuse ESB
  • To help developers get maximum advantage of Integration capability offered by Fuse ESB
  • To offer hands-on practical training
  • Helps students in learning and executing all the functions thereby maximizing their overall skill sets

Advantage of Fuse ESB Training Courses

  • We offer you enhanced knowledge of Fuse ESB and related terms.
  • Clear understanding of ESB, Services to ESB, ESB Message Structure, Service Invocation, Exception Handling, Registry, Gateway and Notifier etc.
  • Team can take maximum advantage of Integration

Additional Information

Day 1

1. Introducing ESB & JBoss ESB

2. Setting us JBoss ESB

3. Getting Started with JBoss ESB

4. Deploying Services to ESB

5. Understanding ESB Message Structure

Day 2

1. Message Delivery on Service Bus

2. Configuring using ConfigTree

3. Service Invocation

4. Exception Handling

5. Service Action

6. Gateway & Notifier

Day 3

1. Integration with External Clients

2. Use of Registry

3. Integrating Web Services

4. Testing your ESB Services


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