GIT Training

GIT is one of the leading repository for handling the complete Management of the Application running on any platform


Duration: 2 Days

Course fee:$399.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Git is considered to be the Version Control System for getting the status of the changes occuring in the files or directories encountered in the complete Application. Git Online Training primarily focuses on the concept for installing Git on any of the Operating System and performing basic configuration making the Application completely specific to control repository. The Git Online Training includes the information about the local repository creation, files adding concept, and changes commitment are easily performed by the developers using the Git Online Training. The concept of Commiting is the major functionality introduced basically in GIT Online Training which generally helps the developers to deal with Continuous Integration for the Application. On the completion of Git Online Training, the developers can easily gain access to renaming and deleting files and directories for the application that has been created by the developers on any of the leading platform.


  • To offer Hands-on approach for studying all points of version control system and GIT
  • Comparison Is explained of the different states in Git and comparison between branches and commits also covered in depth
  • Learn how to Manage files with Git ( move, rename, delete) and update files managed outside Git
  • In depth Study of how to Create and fork repositories on GitHub and how to push changes back after working on them locally

Advantage of GIT Training Course

  • Training course shows you how to use and get the most out of Git
  • We give great attention to Branching and Merging in Git,And every aspect of version control
  • Working Locally and Remotely both are covered in depth

Additional Information

Day 1

1. History Of version Control system

2. Distributed version control system

3. Introduction to Git

4. Installation and configuration of Git

5. Working Locally with Git

6. Creating a local repository, adding files, and committing changes

7. Viewing history

8. Staging changes as multiple commits

9. Deleting and renaming files

10. Undoing changes to the working copy

11. Undoing/redoing changes in the repository

12. Cleaning the working copy

13. Ignoring files with .gitignore

Day 2

1. Cloning a Remote Repository

2. Basic Repository Statistics

3. Viewing Commits

4. Git Protocols

5. Viewing Branches and Tags

6. Fetching from a Remote

7. Pushing and Pulling

8. Creating and Verifying Tags

9. Pushing Tags to a Remote

10. Branching, Merging, and Rebasing with Git

11. Visualizing branches

12. Difference between branches and tags

13. Renaming and deleting branches

14. Recovering deleted commits

15. Stashing , Merging , Rebasing changes

16. Cherry-picking changes

17. Creating and deleting remote branch


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