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IBM Watson Training

IBM Watson combines the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytical software for performing optimal performance


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

IBM Watson Training includes the brief discussion about the Artificial Intelligence and Analytical Software generally used for performing Application based on High Performance Computing.  IBM Watson includes the Content Analytics Architecture specifically for dealing with crawlers, document processor, miners and many more. IBM Watson Online Training includes the detailed information on the Structured and Unstructured Terminologies which in turn making the developers an ease in creating applications. Many of the Use-Cases for the IBM Watson having the core functionalities for the Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Softwares being used for the complete applications. IBM Watson Online Training will incorporate the details on how to leverage Watson in an Enterprise Environment through large number of Use-Cases. IBM Watson Training helps the developers to deal with advanced functionality for AI and Analytics Softwares.


  • Perform Data Discovery and Analysis and knowing more details about Data
  • Exploring all the features of Watson like Explore, Predict and Assemble
  • Integration of Watson with other Toolsets

Advantages of IBM Watson Training

  • Watson making the most advanced and predictive analysis techniques more understandable and usable for any organization.
  • Understanding Watson Analytics along with using Day-to-Day Analysis.
  • Customize and extend the Watson Solutions.

Additional Information

Day 1

1. Quick Start
– How to Login
– Main Dashboard
– About Account Details
– Upgrading Option
– Shortcut Panel Bar

2. Introducing Content Analytics Architecture
– Primary Components
   – Crawlers
   – Document Processor
   – Indexers and Search Engine
   – The Miners
   – Admin Console

3. Details on Important Terminologies
– Difference between Structured and Unstructured
– Text Analytics
– Searching
– Discovery and Mining
– Collections and Facets
– Frequency and Correlation
– Deviation

4. Identification of the Use-Cases
– Definition of Use-Case
– Simple Example of Use-Case

Day 2

1. Using Watson Analytics for Designing Solutions
– Data Consideration
– Introducing Content Analytics Data Model
– Programming Interface
– Concept of Programming in Watson Analytics

2. Introduction to Content Analysis
– Basic concepts of Content Analysis
– Difficulties with Textual Analysis

3. Using Watson Analytics for Cycle of Analysis

4. Working with Text Data

5. Assembling and Watson Analytics Predict
– Creation of Watson Analytics Prediction
– Assembling Concepts
– Use of Templates
– Concept of Versioning and Assemble

Day 3

1. Customization and Extension Details
– Watson Customization
– Working with Data
– Watson Extension
   – Data Quality
   – Watson Data Metrics
– Working with IBM SPSS
– Missing Value Handlers

2. Enterprise Version
– Watson Knowledge Information
   – Data Interpretation
   – Data Classification
   – Data Enrichment
   – Normalization and Modelling
   – Collections
– Watson Object Management
– Documentation Naming
– Testing Strategy
– Enterprise Vision
– Roadmap for Enterprise Watson
– Watson Upgradation Terminology
– Working with Modeler Streaming

3. Value Addition with Integration
– Watson Professional
   – Introducing Available Space
   – Using Administration
   – Upgrading Related Products
   – Conversation
– Data Source Connection


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