Introduction to Oracle 12c Training

Oracle 12C deals with High Performance and enterprise-class based Database and its configuration for the Database Administrator


Duration: 5 Days

Course fee:$999.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Oracle 12C is one of the leading database platform that is being used by many large organization across the globe for creating and managing Database configuration in real time. The cloud enabled Oracle database version  smartly featured with multi tenant options for collaborating database and files etc. in private or public cloud, in a centralised manner. Oracle 12C Online Training discusses the core factor about the information for PL/SQL Installation and performing some basic configuration on real time. The concept of basic CRUD Operations is better involved in the Oracle 12C Online Training helping the developers to deal with the querying operations in the Applications. Oracle 12C Online Training includes the information for Procedures and Functions that makes the database operations to be involved in the Applications to be performed easily.


  • Relational database concepts
  • Applying data modeling techniques
  • Defining entities, attributes and relationships
  • Oracle database tools: SQL Developer and SQL*Plus

Advantages of Oracle 12c Training

  • No extra-ordinary system administration expertise required to Manage Oracle Real application clusters resources.
  • Eliminating  performance related outages
  • High-end application performance and agility in problem solving.
  • Scalability of application server transparency
  • Effective Hardware Resources Sharing & Service level agreement assurance

Additional Information


1. Basic Overview of Oracle SQL/PLSQL

– Understanding the basic architecture for Oracle SQL/PLSQL
– Reviewing the concepts of SQL/PLSQL

2.Introduction to Basics and Variables in SQL/PLSQL

– Understanding the complete scenario for PL/SQL Basics
– Understanding the variables for PL/SQL Variables

3. Dealing with Logic Flow

– Using IF/THEN/ELSE Logic
– Using CASE Statement
– Utilization of Looping Syntax

4.Introducing the concept of Cursors in PL/SQL

– Understanding Cursors in PL/SQL
– Exploration of Cursors in PL/SQL

5. Understanding the concept of Exception Handling in PL/SQL

– Overview of PL/SQL Exceptions
– Understanding the basic syntax for PL/SQL
– Differences in Implicit and Explicit Exceptions
– Working with SQLCODE and SQLERRM Features
– Dealing with User-Defined Exceptions
– Using Application-Defined Exceptions

6. Understanding Concept of Procedures and Functions in PL/SQL

– Exploring the features for Procedures
– Using various functions in PL/SQL
– Understanding Parameter Passing Scenarios in PL/SQL

7. Dealing with Packages in PL/SQL

– Introduction to Packages in PL/SQL
– Exploration of Package Syntax
– Reviewing Execution Codes in Packages

8. Introduction to Triggers in PL/SQL

– Exploration of Trigger Syntax
– Dealing with Useful examples

9. Introducing the new features used in PL/SQL

10. Using Collections in PL/SQL

– Introduction to PL/SQL Collections
– Reviewing basic code examples
– Exploration of Bulk Building Techniques

11. Dealing with PL/SQL Debugger
12. Understanding the concept of PL/SQL Profiler
13. Understanding the concept of PL/SQL Tuning Tips
14. Working with Data Manipulation in PL/SQL


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