Ionic Training

Ionic Online Training teach you how to create native mobile applications.


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Ionic has grown as the standard choice for Hybrid Mobile App development. Ionic Online Training will get the native experience and provides strong environment to components/tools to build application. Ionic Online Training empower you to build real time, measurable and Interactive application with Ionic. Ionic is open source framework and works as a front-end UI Framework to handle look, feel and UI interactions your applications needs. Ionic Framework provides a feature to extend css components with JavaScript functionalities which cannot be done with HTML and CSS. It gives Ionic View platform to upload, share and test application on native devices. Ionic provides many pre designed layouts to start with the app. On the completion of the training, the developers will gain expertise in creating Mobile Apps using Ionic.


  • Ionic application is built to perform and behave on the trending mobile devices.
  • The Application built in Ionic is Clean, Simple and smoothly functional.


  • Ionic framework will minimize your time to develop application and also maximize your efficiency.
  • Due to Ionic there is no need of rewriting of same code.

Target Audience

  • Mobile Application Developer


  • Understanding of JavaScript and HTML

Additional Information

Course Content

1. Getting start with Ionic framework

2. Understanding on Hybrid Mobile Application

3. Hybrid mobile application type

– Web View-based
– Cross-compiled

4. Understanding on Framework of Hybrid Mobile Application

5. Understanding on AngulerJS

– Modules
– Routing
– Components
– Data Binders
– Controllers

6. Understanding on Ionic

– Development Environment
– Logic & Component
– Template and Navigation
– Viewing on Mobile Platform
– Basics of Ionic CLI
– Tools of Ionic

7. Device Features Integrating

– Camera Plugins
– ngCordova
– Cordova CLI
– XML Configuration


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