JBoss Seam Training

Jboss Seam is the next generation development programming, open source development platform  astounding rich Internet application in Java.


Duration: 2 Days

Course fee:$399.00 (₹0)


Product Description

JBoss Seam generally deals with the Web Application framework developed especially for the Java Development in real time. JBoss Seam Online Training includes the basic information for the JBoss Seam and the concept of installation can be done on any of the platform. JBoss Seam Online Training involves the use of Application foundation that has been performed for the JBoss Seam Applications are properly introduced thus making the developers to deal with the Seam and its related components for the Applications. In addition to it, the JBoss Seam Online Training  deals with the functionality that has been deployed for Seam Application making the developers to work with more advanced scenario. JBoss Seam Online Training primarily focuses on Persistence Management using JPA Platform in real time scenario.


  • Learning new programming model to meet the advanced development of Java enterprise programming
  • Integration of upgraded tools in Java including JSF, JPA, AJAX etc .

Advantages of Jboss Seam Training

  • Simplified Java enterprise programming  by sorting out the drawbacks by  enabling the user to use the different Java Enterprises Technologies
  • Streamlining the application configuration with annotation, dependency injection, contextual component etc.
  • Integrating and  deploying the seam with versatile technology and on multiple type of servers.

Additional Information

Day 1

1. JBoss Seam Application Development Overview
   – Install software and complete basic setup.

2. 10,000 – ft. view of Seam
   – Get started with Seam and its various components, and deploy a full -fledged Seam-based web application.

3. Laying the Seam application foundation
   – Setup and creation of a Seam project through seam -gen and Seam tools utilities.

4. Building Seam application functionality
   – Seam runtime, components, contexts, and bi-jection.

5. Design UI and navigation
   – How JSF works under Seam and how to use RichFaces components to create a rich UI.
   – Also learn how to create application flow and navigation with Seam.

6. Manage persistence with JPA
   – how Seam uses JPA and JBoss
   – Hibernate® to manage persistence and database connectivity.

7. Security and validation in a Seam application
   – Secure and validate Seam applications using Seam’s built -in frameworks, exceptions and events.

8. Manage and test a Seam application
   – How to write TestNG tests to validate the operation of a Seam application.How to manage Seam application deployments.

9. Internationalizing a Seam application
   – Internationalization in a Seam application and what the key configuration files are.

Day 2

1. Introduction to Advanced JBoss Seam
   – What is JBoss Seam?
   – Advanced JBoss Seam’s approach to unification

2. The Advanced JBoss Seam Life Cycle
   – Exploring Advanced JBoss Seam’s participation in a request.
   – The JSF life cycle sans Advanced JBoss Seam
   – Advanced JBoss Seam’s page-oriented life-cycle additives
   – Combining page actions with navigation
   – The JSF life cycle with Advanced JBoss Seam

3. Components and Contexts
   – Advanced JBoss Seam’s contextual naming container
   – Sorting out components
   – Defining components using annotations
   – A comprehensive component example
   – A component’s life
   – Use of EJB 3 session beans in Advanced JBoss Seam
   – Accessing components

4. The Advanced JBoss Seam Component Descriptor
   – Defining components using XML
   – XML namespaces, component descriptor
   – Configure component properties
   – Component definitions vs. component configuration
   – Configure and enable built-in components

5. Inversion of Control
   – Bijection: dependency injection evolved
   – Dynamic dependency @In-jection
   – @Out-jecting context variable
   – Bypassing bijection
   – Component events
   – Factory and manager components

6. The Conversation
   – Conversational state
   – The conversation context
   – Establishing conversation boundaries
   – Putting the conversation aside
   – Switching between conversations
   – Driving the conversation with a page flow

7. Advanced JBoss Seam-managed Persistence and Transactions
   – Enhancing the capabilities of the persistence manager
   – Setting up a persistence unit in Advanced JBoss Seam
   – Advanced JBoss Seam’s transaction support

8. Rapid Advanced JBoss Seam Development
   – A framework within a framework
   – Stateful CRUD using the Home component
   – Smarter queries with the Query component

9. Ajax and JavaScript Remoting
   – Using Ajax with JSF
   – Partial form submits
   – JavaScript remoting to Advanced JBoss Seam
   – Conversational remoting calls


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