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Jenkins is one of the Open-Source platform for performing the Continuous Evaluation for the Applications easily

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Duration: 2 Days

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Product Description

Jenkins Training is quite useful for professional test Automation Engineers who want to gain complete knowledge of the topics along with the theory and lab movements. Jenkins Online Training includes the basic information about the Jenkins and also performing the complete installation of Jenkins in the real world scenario. Continuous Integration along with the System Architecture helps the developers to deal with the features for invoking the Applications. Jenkins Training focuses on the workflow diagrams that can be used in any of the applications to be used. Jenkins Online Training discusses the setup of the Jenkins in the real world environment thus making the use of GIT repository for the Application. The Global Configuration for the system properties and setting the system environments are the important points that are discussed in Jenkins Online Training.

Objectives of  Jenkins Training:

  • Provide Clear understanding of automation process and its associated tools
  • Gain knowledge of Continuous Integration and build environment
  • Offers best choice for Software Developers or Test Automation Engineers who wants to know more of designing, implementation and test script of complete continuous delivery workflow using Jenkins CI Servers
  • Helps professionals in knowing more of the deployable software with compilation, testing and code integration with archival and deployment

Advantages of Jenkins Training

  • Annotated build features and reverting the code base for a bug free state for debugging
  • Quite helpful in Boosting automation and hence decreases manual efforts and speed up the entire process
  • Get Help for reducing repetitive manual processes by performing tasks to build job of Continuous Integration with automated test and reliable product deployments
  • Developer can easily get an immediate feedback of functionality and quality features with system wide impact of codes

Additional Information

Day 1

1. Introduction to Jenkins and its Brief history

2. Continuous Integration with System Architecture

3. CI Workflow diagram

4. Control using GIT

5. Basic Commands and Remote Git Repository

6. Getting Started with CI using Jenkins

7. Installation and Preparing a Build Server for Jenkins

8. Jenkins Home Directory

9. The Jenkins Screen Management

10. Global Properties Configuration

11. System Environment Configuration

12. Run your First Build Job

13. Configuration of Your Jenkins Server

14. Jenkins Build Jobs with Free-style

15. Setting Up Your Build Jobs

16. Build Configuration tools

17. Version Control Configuration

18. Working with Maven Build Jobs and Post Build Actions

19. Source Management Configuration

20. Build Triggers and Steps

Day 2

1. Introduction to Automated Testing

2. Integration Tests with Automation

3. Automated Functional Tests and its Acceptance

4. Test Report Configurations in Jenkins

5. Automated Performance Tests

6. Test Result Display

7. Jenkins Security

8. Code Quality Notification

9. Parameterized Jobs Build

10. Advanced Builds with Parameterized Triggers

11. Automated Deployment with Continuous Delivery

12. Maven Build Jobs

13. Promotions and Build Pipelines

14. Distributed Builds

15. Multi-configuration Build Jobs

16. Implementation of Automated and Continuous Deployment

17. Application Server Deployment

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