JSP – Servlet Training

Java Server Pages (JSP) Servlets is Server-Side Program written in Java programming Language for Java Based Application


Duration: 5 Days

Course fee:$999.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Java Server Pages (JSP) includes the information about the Servlets that can be used in many of the Java Applications. JSP Servlet Online Training primarily deals with the concept of Server-Side Programming as the complete Application focuses on Server based platform. JSP Servlet Online Training includes the basic information about the Servlets that can be used easily in JSP making the developers to deal with the Application to be secure and flexible. The complete Architectural Point of view is properly introduced in the JSP Servlet Online Training helping the developers to deal with the infrastructure for Applications easily. The Servlet Lifecycle concept is introduced in the training primarily focusing on the prime factors dealing with the Lifecycle Management for the Java based Applications. JSP Servlet Online Training usually helps the developers to work with Java based application in real time


  • Complete understanding of Web Application.
  • Provide In depth knowledge of advanced topics
  • To cover all major aspects of web application like security(Session and Cookies), parameters ,data base connection ,Java Beans etc.
  • At each stage of Training ,Examples will be provided for better understanding

Advantage of JSP – Servlet Training Courses

  • Clear understanding of Complete Web Application
  • Sound knowledge of all basic and advance topics for Jsp and Servlet
  • Students will Design and build robust and maintainable web applications using the Servlet and JSP frameworks
  • Will get Understanding of the capabilities of the servlet API and when to use JSP instead

Additional Information

Day 1

1. Need of Server side Programming

2. Comparison with CGI

3. Architecture and challenges of Web

4. Application

5. Introduction to Servlets

6. Servlet Life Cycle

7. Developing and Deploying Servlets

8. Generic Servlets

Day 2

1. ServletConfig, Servlet Context,

2. ServletRequest, ServletResponse

3. Database Operation Using Servlets

4. Deploying Servlets in Apache Tomcat Server

5. Weblogic Server etc

6. Exploring Deployment Descriptor(web.xml)

7. HttpServlets

8. Session Tracking & Management

9. Transferring Request

10. Accessing Web Context

11. Passing INIT and CONTEXT Parameter

Day 3

1. Filtering Request and Response

2. Filter Servlets

3. Servlet Chaining

4. Include & Forward Mechanism

5. Internationalization using Servlets

6. Event Listeners in Servlets

7. ServletRequestWrapper

8. ServletResponseWrapper

9. Web Application Security

10. Component Model Services

Day 4

1. Java Beans Properties

2. Bean Persistence

3. Introspection

4. Basic JSP Architecture

5. Life Cycle of JSP

6. JSP Tags and Expressions

7. Comparison with Servlets & JSP

8. Scriptlets, Declarations, Expressions &

9. Directives

10. Action Tags

Day 5

1. JSP to Servlets & Servlets to JSP

2. Java Beans in JSP

3. JSP Session

4. JSP Scope

5. Custom Tags in JSP



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