Kubernetes Training

Kubernetes deals with Automated Deployment, Scaling and its complete Management for the Containerized Application


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Kubernetes helps the developers for creating and working with the Automated Deployment for the Applications. Kubernetes Online Training includes the basic information about the Kubernetes and performing configuration for Kubernetes Application. The complete setup of Kubernetes helps the developers to create Kubernetes Application on any of the platform. Kubernetes Training involves the use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for deploying the complete Application on it for the Kubernetes Developer. Kubernetes Online Training is the complete combination of the Docker and Kubernetes. With the help of Docker, the candidate will learn the Development, shipment and the concept of running the application. While with the help of Kubernetes, candidate will be able to deploy, scale and manage the containerized Application. The concept of Service Creation and performing some health checks for the Kubernetes Application are well performed by Kubernetes Developer


The main objective for this training is performing the automated deployment for the complete application using the combination of Docker and Kubernetes.

Advantages of Kubernetes Training

  • Complete Hands-On Exercise on installing the Docker and Kubernetes from the scratch.
  • With the help of this training, the candidate will learn the concept of running the Docker Container and also building a new Docker Image and working on the same image.


Additional Information

Course Content

1. Basic Introduction to Docker and Container

2. Understanding Basics of Kubernetes

3. Setting Up Kubernetes

4. Introducing Minikube with Local Setup

5. Kops: Kubernetes Operations

6. AWS with Kops Installation Process

7. Creating First App with Kubernetes

8. Kubernetes Node Architecture Concepts

9. Working with Replication Controller

10. Deployments in Kubernetes

11. Services Creation in Kubernetes

12. Using Healthchecks in Kubernetes

13. Service Directory in Kubernetes

14. Working with Configmap

15. Concept of Autoscaling in Kubernetes

16. Introduction to Master Services in Kubernetes

17. Using Resource Quotas with Kubernetes

18. Working with Namespace in Kubernetes

19. User Management System in Kubernetes

20. Advanced concept of High Availability


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