Openstack Cloud Computing Training

OpenStack Cloud Computing is Open Source Software platform for performing Cloud related operations in real time


Duration: 2 Days

Course fee:$399.00 (₹0)


Product Description

OpenStack Cloud Computing refers to the free and completely open source platform for the software in which the Application is deployed as Infrastructure-as-a-Service for the developers. OpenStack Cloud Computing Online  Training primarily deals with the introduction for the OpenStack Cloud based softwares and also including the installation of the OpenStack Cloud Software. The concept of Identity Server in the OpenStack Cloud Computing makes the developers to deal with the User Management used in the Cloud Computing Application in real time. In addition to it, OpenStack Cloud Computing Online Training helps the developer to  work with the Nova Volumes Concept which is normally used as storage capability for the complete Cloud Application. On the completion of the OpenStack Cloud Computing Online Training, the aspirants or developer can easily create application based on the Cloud Computing platforms


  • Help professionals in gaining clear knowledge for the Open Stack platform
  • Hands- on approach towards advanced learning materials
  • Offers technical training with hands-on experience aimed for Admins and IT proficient professionals
  • Offer Training with Open Stack Higher Availability features along with the Storage Architectures
  • Help professionals in Easy design, configure and Open scale Stack Cloud on demand basis

Advantages Of Open Stack Cloud Computing Training

  • Quite familiar with the terminologies used by cloud professionals with Open Stack-related concepts
  • Easy deployment of private cloud environment based on Open Stack
  • Easy understanding of various Linux networking, storage, configuration and provisioning related techniques to the enterprise world
  • Aware of the security risks associated with cloud computing and ways to address them
  • Overview & architecture design configuration

Additional Information


1. Introduction towards Open stack Cloud Software.

2. Administration of Open stack Compute.

3. Start with Open stack.

4. Identity Service.

5. Installation and Usage Storage.

6. Nova Volumes with Image Service.

7. Horizon Dashboard.

8. Stack Networking.

9. Continuous Integration.

10. Monitoring and Troubleshooting.


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