OpenAM Training

OpenAM Training focuses on Open Source Access Management, entitlements and federation server platforms


Duration: 2 Days

Course fee:$399.00 (₹0)


Product Description

OpenAM Online Training is design for understand all concepts infrastructure, and feature of OpenAM. Participant control all the functions of and manage a successful production development. The Feature of the OpenAm provides authentication to your development. The training generally starts with the basic installation and configuration of OpenAM. OpenAM is basically focusing on Identity Management like Pseudonymous, Important and Associated Identities. Various components related to OpenAM like Service Providers, Policies, Data Stores and Manager. OpenAM Training focuses on Cross Domain signals that can be particularly used for apache and tomcat domain website. OpenAM generally deals with Authentication and Authorization using some configuration layer for the distributed applications. The training generally guides the developers or aspirants leading to the OpenAM policies and its related applications.


  • Web page OpenAM protects will served by Apache HTTP Server.
  • In OpenAM Java web application runs inside an application container.


  • OpenAM is a web-predicated open source application that provides authentication, sanction, and entitlement and federation accommodations.
  • It concretely fixates on providing authentication to your web application utilizing either a local identity source or a cloud-predicated identity source, so you don’t have to worry about authentication in your application.
  • it will gives you strong identity management infrastructure, Open Source Identity Management Principles and Patterns .OpenAM will get you up and running in the least duration possible.

Target Audience

  • System Admin
  • System Architect


  • Basic understanding of Linux Command and virtual Machine
  • Understanding of Java Concept will be added advantage.

Additional Information

Course Content

1. Getting start with OpenAM

2. OpenAM Management Principles & Outlines

3. Understanding on Identity Management

– Pseudonymous identities
– Important identities
– Important identities with multiple situations
– Associated identities

4. Understanding of components of IM

– Service Providers and Policies
– Data Stores and managers

5. Cross domain signal

– Security for apache domain website
– Security for tomcat domain website

6. Authentication distribution

– Configuration distributed server
– Configuration distributed Application
– Testing authentication

7. Authentication of Application – Fedlets

– Configuring of Fedlet
– Creation of Fedlet
– Deployment on Java Server
– Validation

8. Federation Patterns – SAML2

9. Understanding on OAuth Authentication

– Configuration and Preparation of OAuth authentication module
– Configure chain
– Client against Facebook and OAuth Provider

10. Overview on Risk Authentication


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