OpenGL Training

OpenGL aims for delivering cross-language and cross-platform API for using 2D and 3D graphics


Duration: 2 Days

Course fee:$399.00 (₹0)


Product Description

OpenGL is associated with Cross-Platform API leading primarily for creation of 2D and 3D Objects and Graphical representation of an Application. OpenGL Online Training will covers all the concepts to build flexible and fast performance application. Many features of OpenGL are generally introduced in detail specifically dealing with some advanced functionality in the applications. Many of the projections and camera views and also projection implementations are properly introduced into the training. OpenGL implementation can be performed in both the hardware and software configurations. OpenGL operations are being used by many of the leading organizations for creating  the Application to be more accurate and effective. OpenGL Online Training will teach how OpenGL and GLSL to create your own viewer, enables you to manipulate 3D scenes. On the completion of the OpenGL training, developers gains expertise in creation of 2D and 3D Graphics Applications.


  • You will understand the concepts of 3D graphics for building 3D graphics scene.
  • Writing apex and fragment programs to draw many contained in OpenGL.


  • Xamarin having a strong mechanism to clear the cache. This clears the cache data when device is running out of memory.
  • Xamarin offers most popular bindings libraries

Target Audience

  • Software Developer


  • Knowledge of C Programing

Additional Information

Course Content

1. Getting start with OpenGL

– Overview on Utility Toolkit
– Overview on geometric primitives
– Clipping
– Transformation
– Pixels, Colours and Drawings

2. Feature of OpenGL

– Lightning Feature
– Shading methods
– Understanding on Texture Mapping
– Textures objects and parameters
– Memory Model
– Transparency, Reflection and shadow
– 3D View and Blending

3. Projection and Camera Views

– Defining Projection
– Defining Camera view
– Implementation of Projection as well as camera views

4. Surface Determination / Surface Removal

– Methods
– Algorithms

5. Understanding on Queries


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