OverOps Training

OverOps deals with creation of Analysing Static and Dynamic Code for the developers intending to work with code events in real world


Duration: 2 Days

Course fee:$399.00 (₹0)


Product Description

OverOps relates to Software Analytics Company located in San Francisco and is being used by many developers across the globe for performing Data Analytics for the Applications. The training includes the information about the OverOps and Dashboard creation which makes the developers an ease in creating applications. OverOps usually analyzes the Codes particularly in staging and production for automatically detecting and delivering  the main cause developed for the application. Many of the security constraints are also involved in the OverOps Training which in turn makes the developers to work with the Secure Applications. Performance and Overhead is the key factor which makes the developers to work with the Application with less load and more code. The Training includes the information about the Connection of OverOps with the Applications created in the real world scenario. OverOps Online Training will bring the aspirants to learn real-time detection which in turn allows to see caught and uncaught exceptions, logged warnings and HTTP errors.


  • Easy Deployment in SaaS, Hybrid or Fully on-Premises location
  • Every New Code release or microservice is automatically monitored for the new errors
  • Multiple Layers of Security for the protection of privacy of the collected source code

Advantages of OverOps Training

  • Complete details on Code breaks with the help of showing complete source code for the application
  • Multiple option for the viewing section like Code View, Log View or JVM view are available
  • Highly secure for the application

Additional Information

Course Content

1. Basic Overview of OverOps

2. Basic Understanding of OverOps Main Dashboard

3. Error Finding Functionalities with OverOps

4. Error Resolving Functionalities with OverOps

5. Security Constraints defined for OverOps

– Personally Identifiable Information Management
– Security Protocols for OverOps
– On-Premises and Hybrid Solutions

6. Understanding of Performance and Overhead in OverOps

7. OverOps Installation

8. OverOps Connection with our created Apps

9. Functionalities for Complete Integration

10. Basic Setting Management


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