Puppet Fundamentals Training

Puppet Fundamentals training is designed keeping in mind professionals along with implementers, administrators and systems integrators.


Duration: 5 Days

Course fee:$999.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Puppet is one of the leading configuration management tool that can be worked easily on any of the platforms like Unix, Windows and Mac. Puppet Online Training usually includes the information about  maintaining and automating a network of scalable performance system. Puppet Online Training involves the concept of the basic installation of Puppet onto local system and also discusses the features used for working with Puppet in the real time application. Many of the leading advantages that makes the developers to deal with the Puppet can be better included in the Puppet Online Training. The concept of Manifests in Puppet is the core functionality that makes the development of the Application more flexible and secure. The complete User Management is the terminology that makes the development of the Application more redundant in real time.Puppet Online Training helps the developers to work with Configuration Management using Puppet.


  • Provide sound knowledge for Automation system tasks as like deployment, provisioning, and management change
  • Helps in Easy Deployment of Puppet with performance, reliable and scalable manner
  • Offers help for easily utilization of Foreman and M Collective options while managing large networks
  • Provides knowledge for troubleshooting general problems


  • Quite effective for troubleshooting common problems and take full advantage of reporting the functionality of your puppet
  • The course is quite helpful in managing and utilizing Foreman and M Collective while managing large networks
  • Can easily spin up new systems according to pre-configured templates & quite helpful for professionals

Additional Information

Course Content

1. Fundamental component roles for creating enterprise puppet or/and open source puppet

2. Core conception for the Puppet DSL, with:
– Modules and Classes
– Classification
– Resources
– Relationships
– Language Constructs

3. By utilizing templates, separating logic from presentation

4. Modeling repeatable portions of your configuration by using Defined Resource Types

5. by utilizing advanced classes, building a foundation to build more complex configurations

– Parameterized Classes
– Introducing Inheritance
– Introducing Data Separation utilizing Hiera
– Revisiting Classification utilizing parameterized classes andADB

6. Introduction to utilizing modules from Puppet Forge and Supported Modules

7. A short introduction to the roles and profiles design pattern


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