Python Training

Python is a powerful programming language. We can user python to create web applications and can connect to database server to read and modify files on the server.


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Python is a interpreted, object-oriented and high level programming language. Python is platform independent means it can work on many OS like Windows, Mac, Linux etc. Python has been one of the leading, and commanding open-source language that is easy to learn and has powerful libraries for data analysis and manipulation. Python Online Training is filled with several activity problems, analytical scenarios. Python Training mainly start focuses on line structures, keywords and identifiers, literals, Operators and Delimiters. After completing the basic analysis, Model-data and Model-Execution starts. In Model-data and Model-Executions you will guide how to create Hierarchy, Objects, Values and Types, Code Blocks. The Python Training then focuses on operators like Arithmetic, Primaries, Shifting, Binary and Unary, and Boolean types. On the completion of Python Online training, the aspirants gains expertise in all the concepts and features of python.


  • Understand methods to deal with different types of ML problems and data.
  • Presenting step by step data analysis by IPython notebooks.


  • For building and using Machine learning applications Python is best option.
  • Python reduce development time in half with its simple and easy assembling feature.

Target Audience

  • Software Programmers,
  • Web and Application Developers


  • Basic understanding of Computer Programming terminologies.
  • Understanding of data analysis is beneficial.

Additional Information

Course Content

1. Overview on Python

2. Philological analysis

– Line structure
– Keywords and Identifiers
– Literals
– Operators
– Delimiters

3. Model – Data

– Standard types hierarchy
– Objects
– Values and types

4. Model – Execution

– Execution frame
– Name space
– Code blocks

5. Expression

– Arithmetic
– Primaries
– Shifting Operators
– Binary and unary Operators
– Boolean operators

6. Statements

– Expression statement
– Functions statements
– Loop statements (If, for, While)

7. Definitions

– Class Definition
– Functions definitions

8. Top Level components


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