Qt Training

Qt being cross-platform used specifically for creating Rich User Interface for the Applications


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

QT Online Training understands you to design trending development of application and user interface for desktop and mobile framework. Qt Training generally focuses on the installation of the Qt and performing some of the basic configuration for the application. Information on Qt frameworks and tools can be easily created with the help of training. The training focuses on Qt Creator ID that is being used as powerful cross-platform integrated development environment. Various tools and toolchains are included in the training so that the developers can easily understand the proper usage of the Qt. Qt is being used by many of the developers and organizations for making their responsive applications. Using online or Offline installer feature you can build source package yourself. This training will guide you to build application and run it on various leading platforms.


  • Libraries are inbuilt for development framework
  • Having integrated development environment
  • Having Ad-ons components that supports deferent platforms
  • Only the time of developing and tools for the framework you need to write code.

Target Audience

  • C++ Developers


  • Understanding of C,C++ concepts

Additional Information

Course Content

1. Overview on Qt

2. Core classes of QT

– Container class
– File handling class

3. QT Objects Model

– Variant objects
– Object Properties

4. Object Event Handling

5. Widgets & Dialogs customization

– Design Widgets
– Layout Management
– Common dialogs and widgets
– Code designing and integration

6. Application Developing & Design

– Application Design
– Drop and drag
– Deployment
– Colour handling
– Style sheets

7. Qt Views & Model

– Basics of Model & View
– Proxy and custom Model
– Custom Tree Model
– Data item Editing

8. Graphical view concept


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