RabbitMQ Training

RabbitMQ  is quite helpful for managing message services that is helpful in building scalable applications with various other message servers


Duration: 2 Days

Course fee:$399.00 (₹0)


Product Description

RabbitMQ generally leads to broker software which is completely Open Source implementing Advanced Messaging Queuing Protocol for the complete Applications. RabbitMQ Online Training includes the information about the basic introduction regarding RabbitMQ and its installation is performed during the RabbitMQ Training. The concept of Queue is the main factor implementing the RabbitMQ Application to be used by many leading organization across the globe. Many of the failure strategies are involved in the training which usually specifies the Applications having multiple failures available for the RabbitMQ Developers. In addition to it, various Messaging Services along with RPC Models are included in RabbitMQ Online Training specifically for the developers working on large scale areas. On the completion of RabbitMQ Online Training, the developers grabs the opportunity to understand various terminologies used in RabbitMQ Application.


  • To offer best quality Rabbit MQ Training with instructor-led course in VMware
  • Quite helpful in installation and configuration of messaging applications
  • Develop messaging applications by using the Java APIs
  • Takes care of Rabbit MQ installation and general configuration as well
  • Provide activated plug-ins like the Web management console by setting up a cluster with Rabbit MQ nodes

Advantages of RabbitMQ Training

  • Helps you by activated plug-ins like the Web management console
  • Implementation of messaging patterns and Java applications for schedule tasks
  • Offers asynchronous messaging-based communication
  • Manage configurations of appropriate high availability
  • Optimized Rabbit MQ for better performance

Additional Information

Day 1

1. Get Started with Rabbit MQ

2. preface to Rabbit MQ

3. Queues with Rabbit MQ

4. Failure Strategies due to Rabbit MQ

5. Rabbit MQ Messaging Services with RPC Model

Day 2

1. Administration of Rabbit MQ

2. Routing Topics in Rabbit MQ

3. Secured Rabbit MQ

4. Controlling Rabbit MQ Messaging with Load-Balancing

5. Clustering of Rabbit MQ


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