React Native Training

React Native primarily focuses on creating Native Mobile Applications irrespective of installation and configuring any tools


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

React Native deals with the Mobile Application Creation completely native and there is no installation and configuration on Applications. The information about the React is included in the training sharing some steps for performing the React Applications. Step by Step implementation of React Mobile Application is included in the training for Mobile Developers to work on it. Some of the major components are also involved which in turn makes the Mobile Application created with React Native makes more secure and flexible. React Native Online Training provides the aspirants to learn the javascript framework for writing and deploying full features mobile Application that looks and feels native. On the completion of the training, the developers especially Mobile Developers gains expertise in creating Mobile Applications using React Native Technology.


  • Building Application particularly for iOS and Android
  • Basic understanding of the Javascript for getting more features in Mobile Apps
  • Complete understanding of Styling and building interfaces for the application

Advantages of React Native Training

  • Completely Platform-dependent for creating Mobile Apps
  • Highly-secure for working with the Mobile Apps
  • Perfect Scalable and flexible for use in Mobile and browser

Additional Information

Course Content

1. Introduction to React Native

– Main Features of using React Native
– Basic Risks and Drawbacks

2. Working with React Native

– Lifecycle Rendering Terminology
– Component Creation in React Native
– Using Host Platform APIs

3. Kickstart using First Application

– Basic Setup of Environment
– New Application Creation Concept
– Sample Code Exploration
– Building a Weather App

4. Mobile Components

– Using the Similarities between HTML element and Native Component
– Using Touch and Gestures
– Using Organizational Components
– Components for Specific Platforms

5. Styling Criteria

– Declaration and Style Manipulation
– Inheritance and Organization
– Positioning and Design Layouts

6. Dealing with Platform API

– Working with Geolocation
– User’s Camera Access and Images
– Persistent Data Storage with AsyncStore
– Working with SmarterWeather Application

7. Working with Modules

– Javascript Libraries installation with npm
– iOS Native Modules
– Android Native Modules
– Cross-Platform Native Modules

8. Debugging and Developer Tools

– Practices for Javascript Debugger
– Debugging Tools for React Native
– Debugging Concept beyond Javascript
– Code Testing

9. Winding All Together

– Using Flashcard Application
– Modelling and Data Storage
– Navigator Concept in Detail

10. Deployment to iOS App Store

11. Deployment to Android Application


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