AWS Serverless Architecture Training

Amazon Web Services (AWS) incorporates its Architecture irrespective of Servers for the Application which in turn provides Backend Services running in Ephemeral containers.


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

AWS Serverless Architecture Online Training deals with AWS Services and its related components having the core functionalities for Lambda, CloudFormation, DynamoDB and their advanced functionalities. AWS Training primarily includes the basic instance creation, working with various services, dealing with networking scenarios on Cloud Computing Platform. AWS Serverless Architecture Training generally focuses on the complete SaaS platform showing the information about the Cloud Computing Technology. Hosting of Application is specifically designed for allowing Application Providers, ISVs and also vendors. AWS Services being used on many large-scale platforms and on many leading and emerging organizations across the world AWS Serverless Architecture training will bring the aspirants to a new understanding level of AWS with Serverless Architecture along with some practical demonstrations and examples.


  • Understanding the concept of designing real-world serverless application
  • Understanding the details on AWS Lambda function and Glue for integration of Lambda
  • Learning the migration of JAX-RS  Application to AWS Lambda and API Gateway


  • Development of Microservices from the larger and bigger softwares
  • Orchestration and Scaling of Microservices
  • Building Highly available and scalable data persistence layer


Additional Information

Course Content

1. Basic overview of Serverless

– Environment Preparation scenario
– Overview of Gradle

2. Introduction to Infrastructure as a Code

– Artifacts Upload to Cloud
– Iaas with CloudFormation
– First Lambda Deployment with CloudFormation

3. Understanding the example of Hello Internet

– Setting Up API Gateway
– Setting Up CloudFront CDN distribution

4. Concept of Applying Enterprise Patterns

– User Service Creation
– Guice Configuration
– Concept of writing Lambda Handler class with Injected Dependency
– Overview of Adding Logging
– Using Service dependencies

5. Introduction to Data Persistence

– Overview of DynamoDB
– Table Creation in Detail

6. Building Supporting Services

– Foundation creation for Lambda Function
– Users Upload to S3 concept
– Email configuration using SES
– Consumption of SNS Messages and sending Emails

7. Introduction to Data Search

– Search Domain Creation
– Concept of Uploading Test Data
– Suggester Creation Concept
– API Creation for suggestion
– Using Lambda Function for updating search data

8. Overview of Monitoring, Logging and Security

– Basic of Setting up Route53 Health Check
– Wrapping Everything in CloudFormation
– CloudWatch Metric Creation from Application Logics
– Running Lambda function in VPC

9. Advanced Concept on Lambda Framework


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