ShinyR Training

ShinyR helps in creating and building interactive Web Applications using directly from R Programming


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

ShinyR Online Training primarily aims for understanding the core functionalities of the Web Application framework for creating and running the applications. The training delivers the information about the basic concepts related to ShinyR along with architectural data about the application. Some of the static components are being involved in the training for proper understanding of the concepts on ShinyR Applications. The training primarily focuses on the Data and many Data Operations included in the application for working on it. The ShinyR Application generally have innovative layout structure specifically designed for the developers intending to work with Data Analytics. ShinyR Training includes the functionalities of sharing the Applications among the network using the Shiny Servers. On the completion of the training, the developers gains the knowledge on understanding ShinyR.


  • ShinyR usually combines the computational power of R with Web Interactions
  • Complete Hosting and Deployment of the application is easily accessible
  • Variety of examples are created with the help of the ShinyR package


  • We can easily create shiny apps as they are easy to create
  • No specific web development skills required
  • Free and Open-Source Web Application framework

Additional Information

Day 1

1. Basic Introduction to ShinyR

2. Understanding the Concept of R

3. Working with App Architecture

4. Using Template with App

5. Understanding Input and Output operations

6. Using the Server Functions

7. Sharing App functionalities

8. Understanding

9. Working with Shiny Servers

Day 2

1. Understanding Reaction concept in ShinyR

2. Working with reactivity

3. Understanding Reactive values

4. Using Reactive functions

5. Understanding render*() function

6. Using reactive() function

7. Using isolate() function

8. Working with observeEvent() function

9. Using eventReactive() function

10. Understanding reactiveValues() function

Day 3

1. Understanding the concept of HTML UI in detail

2. Adding the Static content in ShinyR App

3. Concept of building layout

4. Understanding the concept of panels and tabsets

5. Understanding the Prepackaged layout


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