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Spring Integration Training

Spring Integration training is best choice for people looking for open standards with fabulous Business Process Model with Spring framework


Duration: 2 Days

Course fee:$399.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Spring Integration focuses on the Open Source framework generally used for working with Enterprise Application Integration easily. Spring Integration Online Training includes the basic information about the Spring Integration that can be performed with any of the technology and also doing some basic configuration on each platform. Spring Integration deals with the Integration of Spring Framework developed and involving some of the basic integration that can help the developers to cope with the advanced applications. The concept of using channels, Messages and Message Endpoints can be easily configured with Spring framework making the Application more secure and flexible. Spring Integration Online Training usually helps the developers to deal with Applications making the Integration for Spring an ease for working with it


  • To provide support for message driven architecture for runtime concerns
  • To offer complete idea for Spring and Enterprise Integration
  • Make professionals aware of the Sequential processing with routing channels
  • Develop professionals with sound knowledge of Messages and channels
  • Quite helpful in implementation of the Enterprise Integration Patterns

Advantages of Spring Integration Training

  • The training is designed for extension of spring programming model with implementation of Enterprise Integration Patterns
  • We always help you by enabling towards lightweight messaging within the Spring-based applications
  • We support for routing and transformation of messages with different data formats and message driven architectures with runtime concerns
  • You can always start integration support with external systems via declarative adapters

Additional Information

Day 1

1. Preface to Spring Integration & Enterprise Integration

2. Use channels, Messages & Message Endpoints

3. Sequential processing with routing

4. Splitting and aggregate messages

5. XML Messaging with Spring Integration and JMS

6. Integrated Email with File system integration

Day 2

1. Implementation of Chatting and tweeting

2. Monitoring and management

3. jUnit Testing with applications

4. Management of concurrency & scheduling

5. JDBC Integration with Control Bus


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