Storm Training

Apache Storm is one of the distributed and open source computation framework for performing stream processing for the Application


Duration: 2 Days

Course fee:$399.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Apache Storm being used specifically for dealing with the Computational framework that can be easily distributed among multiple platforms thus creating an ease for the developers to work with the Applications. Apache Storm Online Training involves the introductory information for Apache Storm and also performing installation for Apache Storm that is being used by many developers to work with Applications. Apache Storm Online Training focuses on the prior installation using Apache Zookeeper making the installation more easy as compared to other normal installation by the developers. The concept of Polyglot Topology deals with the Apache Storm Application which in turn makes the building and deployment of the Application easy specifically for the developers. On the completion of Apache Storm Online Training, the aspirants or developers can easily gain access to Application creation and performing some legal operations on Apache Storm for the developers in the real time


  • Offers help for taking care of real time analytics for continuous computation
  • Provide open source distributed real-time computation system training facility
  • Quality Software for managing unrestrained streams of data for real time processing

Advantages Of Storm Training

  • Helps you in easy processing of data items
  • Easily manage real time analytics and ETL
  • Training is quite essential for distributed RPC
  • Training is also scalable and are fault-tolerant

Additional Information

Day 1

1. Preface to Storm Introduction

2. Topologies & Spouts

3. Storm Installation with zookeeper

4. Bolts

5. Storm Clustering

6. Running topologies with Maven

Day 2

1. Polyglot Topology

2. Log Stream Processing methodology

3. Calculation of Term Importance with Trident

4. Constant Delivery in Storm

5. Integrating Storm with Hadoop

6. Environment setup with Storm development

7. Predictive Analytics on AWS platform

8. RPC


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