Tableau Training

Tableau Training deals with the developers for understanding the structure of the Data Analysis for the complete Applications.


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Tableau Online Training understands you how to structure your data analysis projects to ensure the outcomes of your stakeholders. By answering questions about your data in a visual way, you can connect to any data source. The training primarily focuses on the installation and configuration  of the Tableau on the Applications. Data visualizations and Dashboard operations can be easily performed using the Tableau. The data connection using File, Servers, Cloud, Extract Connections can be easily performed with Tableau Applications. Tableau Application generally deals with Client-Server configurations as the Server relates to Tableau Server. Tableau Training usually points to the developers intending to perform some data related operations on large scale based applications. The training usually guides the Data Developers to gain expertise in performing some informative datas to be reflected as per their expectations.


  • This course covers all the basics of data visualization and practice interactive with data.
  • Design rules, human awareness, colour theory, and effective story telling with data.
  • This course is part of the Business Predictive Analytics for and Data Analyst Programs.


  • Tableau integrates with third party big data platforms.
  • The user interface of tableau is carried further onto mobile devices.

Target Audience

  • Web Developers
  • Data Analysts
  • Project Managers


  • Basics statistics knowledge as well as basic programming knowledge.

Additional Information

Course Content

1. Getting start with Tableau

2. Visual analysis and dashboard creation

– Basics of building visualizations
– Visulizing Data
– Creating Dashboard

3. Data connection

– File
– Server
– Cloud
– Extract connections
– Metadata & Data source connections
– Data Filtering

4. Advance data visualization

– Charts
– Date and time visualization
– Chart and plotting

5. Calculation for data enhancement

– Multi-level calculation
– Basics of Parameters
– Overview on Ad hoc calculation

6. Dashboard with Data story

– Objectives
– Story Points
– Examples

7. Understanding on Tableau server

8. Tableau server Installation

9. Cmd line tool for server automation


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