TensorFlow Training

TensorFlow is software library specifically used for data flow programmatically for the Application across range of tasks


Duration: 2 Days

Course fee:$399.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Google’s Open-Source Library for the software is being provided by the TensorFlow for Deep Learning System. Complete information from the migration of Research Prototype to the Production system is designed appropriately for facilitating research in Machine Learning System. TensorFlow Online Training includes the basic information about the Machine Learning System and this Machine Learning helps the developers to gain expertise in creating TensorFlow Applications. In addition to it, the concept of Recursive Neural Networks (RNN) primarily aids in developing Machine Learning Applications for the developers using the TensorFlow Online Training. Large number of the datas are prepared and processing of the data can be easily created with the help of TensorFlow in the real scenario. TensorFlow training generally helps the developers to gain expertise in Machine Learning Application


The main objective for this course is to provide the candidates the overall details about the TensorFlow’s Structure along with Deployment Mechanism.

Advantages of TensorFlow Training

  • With the help of TensorFlow, Assessment of Code Quality, Debugging performance and the complete monitoring is performed on a large scale.
  • Various advanced Production including the Training Models, Graphs Development and the logging structure for the Application.


Additional Information

Course Content

1. Introduction to the Machine Learning System

2. Basics of Recursive Neural Networks (RNN)

3. Understanding the basics of TensorFlow

4. Data Preparation using TensorFlow

5. Graph Building concept using TensorFlow

6. Model Training concept for TensorFlow

7. Model Evaluation Process

8. Advanced Usage for TensorFlow

9. Serving Concepts for Tensor Flow


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