UiPath Training

Complete automation of the repetitive tasks are enabled by using the UiPath Applications.


Duration: 4 Days

Course fee:$799.00 (₹0)


Product Description

UiPath is considered to be the foremost Robotics Process Automation (RPA) based technology used for developing Applications having autonomous information. Large number of the complex task are converted to UI Automation making the work more easy and fast. UiPath being used by many of the developers across the world for creating the Robots being used particularly for big data integration. UiPath Online Training primarily focuses on the basic workflow that is being included for RPA to get into actions and also working with Data is another relevant factor for the Applications. The concept of Recording and Selectors are easily introduced in the UiPath Online Training making the developers to deal with Robotics Process Automation in detail. On the completion of UiPath Online Training, the developers expertises in creating and deploying RPA Based Application


The primary objective of UiPath is to provide the complete Automation in Business Process Activities enabling the organization to become more effective and responsive.

Advantages of UiPath Training

  • For complete success of the project, UiPath is totally integrated with Citrix seamlessly at the Presentation Layer.
  • Complete support for enhancing the Business Process Models for any of the organization.

Additional Information

Course Content

1. Understanding UiPath

2. Understanding the concept of Workflow

3. Working with Data in UiPath

4. Excel and Datatable Automation

5. Understanding Recording Concepts

6. Understanding Selector Concepts

7. Introduction to UI-Elements I/O

8. Automating Image and Text

9. Automation using Citrix

10. Using UiPath as Mail & Pdf

11. Working with User Events

12. Organizing the complete project using UiPath

13. Understanding Exceptions and Debugging in UiPath

14. Concept of UiPath Orchestrator,

15. Introduction to Front+Back Office Robots

16. Understanding SAP Concepts

17. Understanding Database Concepts in UiPath


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