VueJS 2 Training

VueJS 2 is light-weight virtual DOM implementation improving initial rendering speed and memory consumption.


Duration: 2 Days

Course fee:$399.00 (₹0)


Product Description

VueJS2 Training includes advanced framework for developing UI. The main focus is on the layers which is easy to pick up and integrate with other scripts of the project. We can bind data as well as text and attributes. The training focuses on various DOM Interaction with the help of VueJS2 using templates, syntax, Attributes, events and many more. Many Conditional and Rendering expressions are involved in VueJS Application for the complete UI Development and Deployment. The concept of various input-output formats are included in the training for the developers working on creating forms on the application. Server connection for VueJS2 Application is the primary focus when dealing with the large scale operations. VueJS is the core Javascript framework used by many organization for performing the secure application on the network. On the completion of the training, the aspirants grabs the opportunity for creation of VueJS Application along with its related components.


  • Popular framework, It gives us reactive, superb user experience for mobile application development.
  • Develop a virtual DOM.


  • It will provide sensitive and compassable view components.

Target Audience

  • FrontEnd Developers
  • Java Developers


  • Knowledge of Angular 2 and ReactJS.
  • Knowledge of JavaScript.

Additional Information

Course Content

1. Overview on Vue JS 2

2. DOM Interaction using VueJS 2

– Basics of Module
– Templates
– Syntax
– Attributes
– Directives
– HTML Output
– Events
– Event Data & Objects
– Key Board Events
– Two way Building

3. List of Conditional & Rendering

– Syntax – v-if
– Syntax – v-For
– Syntax – v-Show
– Current Index
– Objects of Loop

4. Overview on Monster Slayer

5. Overview on Wonderful Quotes

6. User Input – Forms

7. Filters and Mixins

– Filter Creation
– Overview on Mixins
– Merging Mixins
– Creation of Mixins

8. Server connections

9. Deployment


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