WSO2 Identity Manager Training

WSO2 Identity Manager generally deals with Identity and its configuration for facilitating security for the complete Application


Duration: 2 Days

Course fee:$399.00 (₹0)


Product Description

WSO2 Identity Manager specifies the identification for the user creation and managing the user on the complete application. WSO2 Identity Manager helps the developers to create security constraints that makes the development of Application more flexible and responsive. The User Management in WSO2 Identity Manager Online Training focuses on the LDAP, AD and JDBC Configurations for the WSO2 Application. WSO2 Identity Manager Training includes Identity Federation and also Single Sign On (SSO) feature that makes the application irrespective of redundant Application. WSO2 Identity Manager Online Training is designed for the all Developers who want to start with WS02 Identity Manager. Training gives in depth knowledge of WS02 Identity Manager. On the completion of WSO2 Identity Manager Online Training, the aspirants or developers expertises in Identity Servers used for complete Application.


  • Understand and work with the WS02 Identity Manager
  • Gain complete knowledge about security and identity management of enterprise web applications, services, and APIs provided by WSO2 Identity Server provides.

Advantage of WS02 Identity Manager Training Courses

  • Complete knowledge about Identity and User Managment
  • Gain Sound knowledge of Identity Server that acts as an Enterprise Identity Bus (EIB)

Additional Information

Course Content

1. Start with Introduction to Identity Server

2. Understanding the concept of Identity Manager in detail

3. Basic Understanding of  User Management in WSO2
– Using LDAP
– Using AD
– Using JDBC

4. Dealing with the concept of Using Identity as a Service (IaaS)

5. Introduction to Identity Federation and SSO
– Understanding the OpenID
– Understanding SAML2 in detail
– Using Web SSO
– Using WS-Federation

6. Dealing with the concept of Study Identity Provisioning
– Working with SCIM
– Using  SPML in detail

7. Access Controlling Terminology in WSO2
– Using RBAC
– Using ABAC
– Using XACML

8. Advanced Scenario on API Security

9. Dealing with Oauth

10. Dealing with OpenID


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