WSO2 IoT Server Training

WSO2 IOT Server generally includes the efficiency for implementing scalable server-side IOT Platform for the applications


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

WSO2 IoT Servers basically includes the platforms for working with Device Management, API and Application Managements for all devices, performing analytics on data, customizing web portals and many more. WSO2 IoT Server Training includes the implementation of Application on multiple platforms like Arduino UNO, Android,iOS, Windows and Virtual Machines. WSO2 IoT Servers are being implemented by many of the leading organizations across the world for making their applications completely dependent on Servers. WSO2 Online Training will give better understanding on flawlessly devices integration with plug-ins. Through this training you will get to learn How to integrate and manage organization thing digitally. MQTT, HTTP, Web-sockets and XMPP protocols will communicate with IoT. The training helps the aspirants or developers to work with Application related to Servers and performing some advanced operations like administering and dealing with platform dependent applications


  • You can easily share data with connected user.
  • IoT will support all known mobile platform like Ios, Windows and Android.
  • It will provide profile management feature for security, data and device.


  • Inbuilt graph functionality for common sensor reading.
  • Device enrolment and management service for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Target Audience

  • S/W Developer
  • System Admin
  • Manufacturers


  • Understanding of SOA
  • Basics knowledge of Middleware and Services

Additional Information

Course Content

1. Getting start with WSO2 IoT Server

2. Overview on WSO2 Architecture

3. Overview on IoT server

– Architecture and Functionality

4. Analytics

5. Deployment

6. API integration

7. Security Architecture

8. Mobile Application Management – (iOS , Android)

– device registration
– Management of Mobile Application
– Device Monitoring
– Operation


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