Xamarin SDK Training

Xamarin SDK Online Training is design for maximize exposure of this platform so that you can understand its installation, configuration, controls and web services.


Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

Xamarin is a software development company provides development tools to create applications for Android, IOS and Windows. Xamarin is build on .NET and provides user to create application which can be run on multiple operating systems. Before start installing Xamarin, you need to install Android SDK and Java SDK on your system. Xamarin provides many features which used to create interactive and responsive applications like Google emulator manager, Android SDK Manager, Storyboard Files, Gaming, Custom Controls, Visual Studio Integration etc. HTML tools used in the Xamarin are easy to handle by the developer and the end user. The interfacing with Visual Studio is a excellent feature allows developers to create apps with their own comfort without worrying about the responsiveness. The Xamarin SDK Training starts with the basic concepts like Application Structure, Features and Structures, Life Cycle Development and Libraries.


  • Cross platform native applications development Xamarin is best option.
  • You can easily write cross platform code in a simple manner and run the applications.
  • Xamarin take your application development plan to the next level


  • Xamarin having a strong mechanism to clear the cache. This clears the cache data when device is running out of memory.
  • Xamarin offers most popular bindings libraries.

Target Audience

  • Mobile Application Developer


  • Basic Knowledge of C#/.NET Programming Concepts
  • Working knowledge of OOPS

Additional Information

Course Content

1. Overview Of Xamarin studio

– Xamarin form Installation
– Plugins for App development

2. Xamarin for Mobile Platform (iOS & Android)

– Application Structure
– Features & architecture
– Life Cycle Development
– Function & Libraries

3. Xamarin controls

– Editor, Images, Labels
– View Control – Table & List
– Control customization

4. Overview on Web-services

5. Platform Understanding

– Native Platform
– Libraries for Platform Specific
– Options for cross platform

6. Deep understanding in Database Access

– Structures
– Platforms in PCL
– Access for Application folder and shared folder
– Shared resource access


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