Open AM + OpenDJ + OpenIDM

Duration: 4 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


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Course Content

Day1 & Day2: OpenAM

1.Getting start with OpenAM

2.OpenAM Management Principles & Outlines
-Access Management

3.Cross domain signal
-Security for apache domain website
-Security for tomcat domain website

4.Authentication of Application – Fedlets
-Configuring of Fedlet
-Creation of Fedlet
-Deployment on Java Server

5.Federation Patterns – SAML2

6.Understanding on OAuth Authentication
-Configure Authentication chain
-Client against Google and OAuth Provider

7.Overview on Risk Authentication

Day 3: OpenDJ

1.Introduction and Overview

2.LDAP protocol

3.OpenDJ Architecture


5.Managing Server Processes

-Performing OpenDJ Maintenance and Administration
-Using the command line interface to perform various operations.

7.Managing Server processes
-Performing full and incremental backups
-Creating database backends and indexes

-Configuring Replication
-Initializing Replication


10.Monitor the OpenDJ server

11.Integration with OpenAM

Day 4: OpenIDM

1.Getting Started With IDM

2.Uses of IDM

3.IDM architecture

4.Setup IDM in your System
-Downloading and Starting the Server
-Data Files

5.Reconciling Identity Data
-Reconciling Information Between Data Stores
-Reconciling Identity Data After One Update

6.Key features of IDM
-Integrating Business Processes and Workflows
-Managing Passwords
-Managing User Roles
-Connecting to Remote Data Stores
-Some Available Authentication Modules
-Finding Additional Use Cases
-How IDM Can Help to Your Organization
-Stopping and Removing the Software
-Integration with similar products.


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